Guns, Purity, and Compromise

If progressives are ever to enact meaningful gun control, we have to do so lightly, or we’ll never win. Those are just the facts on the ground. And the same applies to all of our policies.

A “pro-life” liberal in a southern seat is preferable to a “pro-life” conservative. A “pro-gun” liberal in a rural western district is preferable to a conservative who has the same blind faith in the second amendment.

Why? Because a “pro-life” liberal in the south can still be a “pro-worker, pro-environment, and pro-universal health care” activist in a key role of lawmaking. That can’t be said of the “pro-life” conservative.

If progressives are ever to achieve our “Blue Wave” dreams of taking back congress in the next round of elections, we have to be realistic. A perfectly pure, azure liberal standard of policy-making simply cannot be applied like a cookie-cutter solution to every race. It can’t even be done district to district, or county to county, or city to town.

Our two-party political platform is like a huge, ugly, dirty old chess game where you have to sacrifice a pawn or two in order to get the queen. Incremental progress is better, and more likely, than landslide victories.

We may well achieve our “Blue Wave” dreams in 2018 and 2020, but it ain’t gonna happen if we only run liberals so perfectly blue that they shit grapes.

The liberal who takes San Francisco will never have San Antonio. The liberal who takes Boulder will never take Colorado Springs…however…there are “mostly liberal” candidates on the interstices who very well might.

It’s vital that we stop our infighting and realized that a “one size fits all” Democrat will never be the solution.

The Helplessness of Capitalism

Anybody else tired of the “what can we do?” hand-wringing about the opioid crisis?  It’s not as if these drugs are smuggled in by Colombian cartels and nothing can be done.  We know exactly who’s making them, but as always, money talks.

This is true for virtually everything in our country, everything from climate change to the gun debate to health care.  Time and time again, regardless of the issue, the big money wins.

This is not a system to brag about.  This so-called “free market” system is failing the vast majority of Americans on every front.

We live in an “Us vs. Them” system, and it’s about time that everyone realized that.  It’s “Us vs. The Rich.”  That’s it.  That’s the fundamental definition of the battle at hand.

Eat the Rich

“This elite group is worth $9.1 trillion, up 18% since last year.” – Forbes

That’s $9.1 trillion divided between about 2200 people.

Poor conservatives are too stupid to realize that they’re digging their own graves.

Most believe they’re billionaires in the making.

It’s a safe bet that when working-class Republicans die, they’ll be a few grand in debt, and the collectors will go after their children.

Capitalism works….

Booze is a Hard Drug

I saw this when I was a kid.  It said that each was basically the same, i.e. a bottle of beer was the same as a glass of wine, which is the same as a shot of booze.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

While it may be true in the literal sense, the reality is quite different in practice.

Booze is the hard stuff.  If a person ever develops a drinking problem, the odds are high that it will be related to booze.  Whether it’s delinquency, spousal abuse, or drunk driving, booze is always a much greater factor than beer.

I’ve been seeing advertisements for booze on television lately, which is alarming.  They might as well be advertising for cocaine, or methamphetamine, because the potential for addiction and destructiveness is basically the same.

Seeing booze ads on TV again is a prime example of what I hate about our world: money decides all.  Even if lives are ruined or lost, if it makes money, the money will win.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite.  I love my tequila, but a degree of responsibility is in order here.  Booze is not “just like beer” and to imply as much will place thousands of lives in very real jeopardy.