Why Try?

There’s a minor character in a story I’m working on now who made it a point never to be political about anything in his life.

And he had a great life.

I sometimes wonder if that’s not the way to go, at least for a while, as long as I could stand it…which wouldn’t be very long.

I’ve been arguing and debating conservatives online for over twenty years.  Nothing has changed, and I mean nothing.

I’m starting to think about all of the time and effort I put into fighting the good fight.  It was pretty much all wasted, thousands of hours, easily.

Real life is not much different from the online life, because in the real world we’re dealing with the exact same simple-minded misinformed dickheads that make up all of conservatism.

We can sacrifice lives setting the world on the right track, and then somebody like Trump will come along and turn it all upside-down overnight.

I’m starting to think…it’s just a ruse.