Pretty Much Screwed

It pains me to say this, but I think the human race is pretty much screwed. All of the things that we need to start doing, right now, in order to save the world as we know it…simply are not going to happen because a few thousand ultra-rich assholes are afraid to lose some money in the process.

And that’s the God’s truth. That’s pretty much the only thing holding us back. We have the know-how, and to a large extent, as a global culture, we even have the will. But the richest among us, the people who ultimately call the shots whether we like it or not, aren’t going to do shit.

So, we’re fucked.

I wish I had the magic words to change things, but I don’t. Apparently nobody does.

I don’t know what’s going to happen over the course of the next 500 years, but it doesn’t look good. The rich will go to any lengths to maintain their wealth and power, and if that means sitting back on a private island and watching the world burn, so be it.

Maybe it’s time for us all to learn how to fiddle….

Deep Sigh

The world’s still crazy. Too crazy to even encapsulate here.

Tucker Carson called John Bolton a “leftist.”


John Bolton is to leftism what Godzilla is to Bambi.

Trump rolled back water protections. Everybody knows how pesky clean water regulations are to corporate profits.

Trump’s supporters are flaunting “Trump 2024” fliers, which would be a third term for the conman in chief, and Trump Tweeted the image approvingly.

Republicans act like it’s just a joke, but I’m pretty sure they’re not joking. Trump literally posted a picture of it on his Twitter account.

Putin, too, Trump’s best pal, was elected president of Russia around the year 2000…and he never left office.

These are serious red flags.

There is not one agency in our government that will do shit about it. Such has money corrupted our self-rule.

As a wise man once said, “Government should stand between wealth and power, not for it.”

Trump attacked the National Weather Service for contradicting him about the path of a hurricane. Seriously?

Trump is now denying the very fact of weather as measured by meteorological professionals around the world? Threatening to fire them if they don’t fudge the numbers in Trump’s favor?

Sound crazy? It is! And it’s happening now!

If Sanders or Warren beats Trump in the election of 2020, those GOP assholes will not lie down and die. Guarantee it. In fact, in all likelihood they’ll use the loss of the election to justify some pretty violent and unprecedented bullshit, just as Chile saw in 1973.

Prepare yourself, peaceful warriors.

We’re past the point of fucking around.

Labor Day is a New, New Year

I think there are two “New Years” starting points in every 12-month period: the first being New Year’s Eve, of course, and the second being Labor Day, the herald of the year’s end.

Year’s end? Yeah, basically. The last lap. Every beginning is preceded by an end.

Interestingly, Labor Day is traditionally celebrated in September, the ninth month, just like a human’s gestation period…basically….though some say ten months is more accurate…the martinets.

You can feel it. Something about the fall air saturated with sage, the V-formations of geese flying south, and especially the scent of fallen leaves, with all its dear decay…it symbolizes a new beginning, somehow, watching the world die a bit.

Death must portend a new beginning. If nothing ever died, we’d still be crocodiles.

Renewal in September has been bred into us by way of custom, an annual routine the world over, especially since it’s the beginning of a school year when everyone advances a grade in reality and rises a step on the ladder symbolically. Come September, the 10-year-old fifth grader morphs into the 10-year-old sixth grader. Our civilization relies heavily on routines, schedules, and boring traditions, both long-term and short.

It doesn’t bother most people, but sometimes the daily grind bugs the hell out of me.

I hate the routine of a 40-hour week. It killed me, as I think it kills most people. Up, shower, feed, drive, work-work-work, lunch, work-work-work, drive home. Capitalism at its finest: a soul-sucking regimen, a tiresome routine that will assassinate our souls. That said, just as a bad routine will kill us, a good routine will save our lives.

A good routine is a strength.

A good routine helps you get things done. It’s because even though your mind isn’t in the mood, your body—like a well-trained horse—will just walk the route anyway, because it simply doesn’t feel right until the routine is completed. Most animals are that way. Man is an animal.

Strive to invent your own routine. In so doing, you can reinvent yourself.

And relax. If you’ve got nowhere to go, and no place where you’ve gotta be, then count yourself blessed. You’re right where you should be.

It’s what rich people dream of.