Bullshit Billionaires

This is the guy that owns Twitter. Jack Dorsey. He’s worth $8 billion.

He thinks he’s a genius. He’s treated like a genius. He’s not a genius.

He’s some computer programmer who co-founded an odd social media platform that has become very important to our online lives.

He doesn’t really give a shit. If he did, the platform wouldn’t suck as badly as it does.

And, yes, Twitter sucks.

But it’s all we’ve got, and this guy pulls the strings.

We need to stop worshiping the rich, just because they’re rich.

We need to stop giving guys like Jack—a guy who totally lucked out—so much power and control over our society.

The stakes could not be higher.

That’s how we ended up with Donald Trump.

Covid Has a Case of the Trumps

No, I’m not sorry. I’m too insignificant to play the game of empathy for a man who shrugged his shoulders and said “It is what it is” when asked about the deaths of 200,000 Americans.

It’s not that I hope he dies, but it would be nice if this took him out of the political picture. Indefinitely.

And he might be faking it. The man lies so much, we just really can’t put it past him. This could be some grandiose, perverted passion play where Trump virtually dies and springs back to life, Christ-like, stronger than ever, smiting all enemies foreign and domestic and, most importantly—liberal.

All of his idiotic, asshole supporters are enraged that people like me aren’t showing the proper degree of heart-sickened respect…which makes me laugh sardonically, because I know exactly how they’d behave if the shoe were on the other foot.

We’re talking about the “Lock her up!” crowd here.

The “Facts don’t care about your feelings” boys.

The “Trump 2020 — Fuck your Feelings!” campaign slogans.

So, no, expect no eye wash here.