Almost There

Well, Biden/Harris won the election, but I can’t relax yet. Trump’s still in office, he refuses to concede, insists he won, and I’m sure he’s commanding backdoor machinations to screw with the certification.

Lindsey Graham was called out for phoning the Secretary of State in Georgia and asking him to toss out ballots. A crime if true, the GOP just shrugs their shoulders and acts like it’s business as usual. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe, on the other hand, it’s become all too common with that corrupt cabal.

I’ll be relieved once Biden is sworn in, but that will only signal a new war. It’s never going to stop with the GOP. They will never have enough. They will always be on the attack.

A savvy foreign correspondent noted that for the past twenty or thirty years, the Republicans have been pushing for a one-party rule of America.

They came pretty damn close with Trump, and they ain’t finished yet.