…When They’re Not Around

One of my favorite quotes which I attribute to the great Charles Bukowski:

I don’t hate people; I just feel better when they’re not around.”

I’m in a serious people-hating mood right now. As of late, it seems that regardless of what I do, whether in real life or on the internet, I cross paths with some colossal jerks who always get the best of me. It hurts.

Here’s the story: I strongly believe a certain neighbor of mine—a weirdo teenager—is trespassing on our property and fucking around with us. He steals things, sometimes. Sometimes he just moves shit around. Usually he just seems to be fucking with us for the fun of it.

But I’m not 100% sure it’s the weird teenager, so I’m trying to keep myself in check. It’s just that I’m pretty sure it’s him, because I literally can’t see anyone else getting a thrill out of doing that shit. He’s got the motive—he’s a punk weirdo kid with nothing else going on. And he’s got the opportunity—he lives right next door and can see where we are at a glance.


I went to Metafilter to ask for help. In the past, it’s been pretty helpful, but there are an assortment of trolls on that website that I dread and, sure as shit, the trolls came out, made the whole post about how stupid I was, and got the thread deleted. Out of about 28 replies, most were helpful, some were skeptical, two of them offered helpful links, and at least two of them actually sided with the little weirdo that I suspect of the abuse.

And one of them basically insulted me for daring to suspect anything was wrong at all.

I couldn’t believe it. I knew there would be one or two dickheads, because there always are on Metafilter, but I never thought it would be to that extent.

Metafilter basically panders to trolls. It does so because I suspect that the founders and the operators of that site are trolls themselves.

So they took my question down. The trolls are still there. I’m not.

And I’ve just lost all faith in humanity.

A part of me wants so desperately to help the world and everyone in it. I’ve strongly considered getting into politics, because who knows? I might be good at it. Because I care. I want to help the world. I want to help my people.

But then shit like this happens, and all of my magnanimity and emotional largess for the small, embattled people of the world just goes up in smoke.

Why bother? Why even fucking bother?

Life hurts, and for the most part, humans just make matters worse.

On the plus side: I saw a nine year old Kaley Cuoco playing the imaginary seven year old daughter of Shelly Tambo on Northern Exposure this morning.

People generally suck, but at least life is still filled with pleasant surprises.

Just Following Orders

Today, congress started their investigation into what happened at the Capitol on January 6th. Already, there are conflicting stories. Seems with how things are done at that level of government, there should be a ton of corroborating evidence, but maybe congress doesn’t want to dig that deep. For instance, in the course of the testimony, someone mentioned that “a memo was written” regarding the situation, but nobody asked who exactly wrote the memo.

I do know this, and it makes me sick: the longer this investigation goes on, the more clear it will be that people in high positions of authority had a lot more to do with what happened than they’re willing to admit.

And they were either Republicans, or full-blown Trumpies.

I also know that the higher the investigation climbs up the responsibility ladder, the more resistant the Republicans will be to uncovering the unvarnished truth. They are ready, willing, and able to pull some really dirty shit to keep the facts under wraps.

We have an entire, powerful political party that does not believe in government, and sees no problem with undermining its effectiveness. They’re called Republicans.

It’s a party that has chosen to embrace the likes of Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and to call anybody who stands opposed to them “a traitor” and “unAmerican.”

This is going to go on for a long time, I’m afraid.

It will probably outlive me.

And that hurts.

Rush was Scum

And so are Republicans.

I just happened upon today’s episode of Fox News’ Outnumbered and spent about five nauseating minutes watching it in disbelief.

Couldn’t believe it.

They took the left’s honest, truthful, and factual criticism of Rush Limbaugh’s life and legacy and twisted it into an uncalled for, frontal attack against all American conservatives.

Okay. Fine with me. So be it.

If you mean-ass dumb fuckers want to wear the golden cross of Rush Limbaugh on a silver chain around your necks, go right ahead.

It’s nothing but further verification that the lot of Republicans are lying, bigoted, dirty fuckers…just like Rush.

And it comes by their own admission.

Rush Limbaugh is Dead

And the world is better for it.

Today, millions of Tweeters and bloggers are jotting down their loathing for the fat, hate-radio icon, so I’ll keep this brief and personal.

I can’t say I remember exactly how I felt when Rush Limbaugh first cast his shadow over my life, but I know it was about thirty years ago, and I’m pretty sure I thought something like “Can he say that? That’s not true.”

Rush is one of those pioneer conservatives who managed to turn the truth into an opinion. He existed to do one thing, and one thing only: demonize liberals.

In fact, in the early 1990’s, Rush had been so successful in demonizing the word “liberal” that we liberals had to start calling ourselves “progressives” instead.

I remember he had a television show for a while, but I don’t think it lasted very long because it quickly reached a point where he wouldn’t let anybody on who disagreed with him, and after that he just wanted the spotlight all to himself.

Though I didn’t have cable television, I somehow managed to see the episode where he implied that Chelsea Clinton was the new White House dog. I was stunned by the cruelty. At first, Rush tried to pass it off as a technical glitch, but later he actually bragged about it.

There finally came a time where Rush couldn’t have guests, and he couldn’t have an audience either, due to the disruptions of the protestors.

I distinctly remember watching one of his final television episodes. When Rush finished his opening monologue and cut to commercial, I remember seeing the camera cut from Rush at his desk and pan to the audience, and there was nothing to see but a studio filled with empty seats.

Rush was very proud of being able to say anything he wanted, mainly because he knew he’d get away with it, primarily because it was exactly what all rich, white men thought. It was also what poor white men thought, but that wasn’t a crucial matter, really, except in terms of ratings.

If Rush had ever turned coat and started waylaying on the rich in the same way he constantly attacked liberals, his career would have ended quickly.

Then there was the time when I was watching Rush with a gay conservative Republican friend—a demographic that completely baffles me—and while he was defending Rush and saying he was just joking around, Rush reminisced about the time a group of gay men infiltrated his audience and in the midst of the show, stood up and turned their backs on him.

Typical Rush, like a playground bully pantomiming his victims, Rush stood up, turned his back to the camera, and started waving his ass around. “See, for homosexuals, this is a compliment.”

Examples of Rush’s outrageous behavior are legion. I’m sure it could fill a book. 800 pages, abridged. But of all his nastiness, the slight I remember most came on the day that Jerry Garcia died. Jerry, of the Grateful Dead. A beautiful man. Humble, unassuming. He spent his life being happy by playing his guitar to make others happy.

Yet, never passing up an opportunity to shit on the artistic liberals, Rush opined, “When you strip it all away, Jerry Garcia destroyed his life on drugs. And yet he’s being honored, like some godlike figure. Our priorities are out of whack, folks.

“He’s just another dead doper. And a dirt bag.”

I’ve heard that Rush’s radio show was so popular that you couldn’t go anywhere in the United States without hearing it. And I’m not so sure that popular is the right word here, unless you consider propaganda to be popular. Widespread would be more apt.

In one of his final affronts to decency, Rush popularized—if he didn’t indeed invent—the malicious “Joe & the Hoe” slur during the 2020 elections. It spread widely, thanks to Rush’s market share.

But that’s about enough of Rushie poo. About 700 words too much, really.

Rush was an asshole. That’s all anybody really needs to know. And now the fat fascist fucker is dead. Party time.

In closing I want to point out that the following test is 99% accurate regarding a person’s character:

If they eulogize Rush Limbaugh, they’re probably assholes.

I Hate Literalists

Before Twitter unceremoniously suspended my account, ostensibly for “spamming” even though I wasn’t spamming (fuck you forever, Jack Off Dorsey), I got into a friendship-ending argument with some scientist guy I’d been following since the beginning. While he got on my nerves sometimes with his “Science above all!” attitude, I’m a pretty easy-come, easy-go kind of guy, and I could always manage to look the other way and say to myself “Forget about it, poet. He’s a pretty decent fellow at heart.”

Welp, one day a Buddhist account I was following posted a parable about how the faces of sunflowers always follow the sun, except when it was cold and cloudy, then sunflowers would turn to face each other in order to keep warm.

A lovely sentiment, I thought. Didn’t really matter if it was true or not, the message was “let’s help each other, because we’re all in this together.” So I retweeted it.

Not a minute later, Dr. Dork jumped on my timeline and started berating the post. He said that sunflowers did no such thing.

I ignored it.

Two minutes later, he was on my thread again berating the post and I basically said something like “Lighten up, doc. Literalists are my least favorite people.” Since he was basically a decent guy, I thought he’d take the hint.

Nope, a minute later he jumps on my thread yet again and starts comparing me to Q-Anon. He said “feelings over facts are why we have conspiracy theories,” to which I replied “feelings over facts are why we have artists, shithead.”

And that was it. Ta-ta, dickface. I wrote a few more stinging replies, but decided it was best to delete the one where I called him “shithead” because I could sense that Twitter was suspension happy. Then I blocked him.

And that was that. A four-year Twitter friendship came to an end over a playful, philosophical post about sunflowers.

I’ve known a few literalists in my day. Probably the worst of them was the elder brother of a beloved girlfriend. He was the kind of guy who would act like a total asshole during the week, but get up before the Catholic congregation and sanctimoniously read scripture every Sunday.

Larry. I hate him to this day.

It all reminds me of the parable of the “Hag of Naropa.” To paraphrase, there was a learned prince who knew all the words of his sect’s scripture, and he would piously recite the phrases to everybody in the village, constantly.

But there as an ugly old village woman who couldn’t resist berating him, and generally getting the best of him in public.

I can’t remember the story specifically, but it ended with the old hag laughing at the prince, telling him “Yes, it’s true, you do know all the words…but you don’t know what they mean.”

End the Filibuster

This is a gimme. We cannot allow a minority Neo Nazi party to block all legislation that the controlling party wishes to promote. And that’s exactly what the Republicans will do.

Just as Mitch McConnell refused to allow any Democratic legislation to proceed to the floor while he was the leader of the Senate, McConnell will now use the filibuster to prohibit any and all advances proposed by the Democrats.

He will wreck the controlling party’s ability to do anything, and then come election time, he will criticize them for not being able to do anything, and the GOP will use that as a campaign strategy. And it will work. Because Republican voters are idiots.

This is a given. Don’t fall for it. Fuck ’em.

The Senate filibuster–a relic of the Jim Crow era–was invented roughly 150 years ago and primarily used to obstruct any civil-rights legislation. And it worked, blocking any meaningful headway from 1877 to 1964. That said, as a tool primarily used to protect right-wing racism, it’s rarely been used.

But with the Trump cult now in full control of the Republican Party, those days are over. You can bet money that the Republicans will effectively become the party of the filibuster, and will use it mercilessly and shamelessly to block almost any and all legislation proposed by the Democrats.

Mitch McConnel said, “No Republican has any trouble imagining the laundry list of socialist policies that 51 Senate Democrats would happily inflict on Middle America in a filibuster-free Senate.

“In this country, radical changes face a high bar by design. It is telling that today’s left-wing activists would rather lower that bar than produce ideas that can meet it.”

First off, one can clearly see his lack of honesty by labeling everything that the Democrats want to do as an act of radical socialism, especially when most of the Democrat’s proposals are popularly supported.

Secondly, Democrat legislation would, by design, help middle America, whereas Republican legislation only helps the rich.

Third, an appeal to compromise means nothing coming from a party that refuses to compromise on anything. Indeed, the Republican party is known to have blocked their own legislation once the Democrats agreed to support it.

We can’t play games with these assholes any more.

Year after year since the days of Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have been sliding down the slippery slope from reactionary conservatism to full-blown fascism, and with Trump’s storming of the capitol on January 6th, it’s safe to say that we’ve tapped rock bottom of that crevasse, and there isn’t a lot of room left for them to slide.

The Republicans aren’t on their way to becoming fascists: they’re finally there.

And the last thing in the world we should do is allow modern day American fascists to grind our government to a halt with an outdated tool first invented to protect racism.

The GOP stepped aside and watched Trump’s rioters attack our capitol on January 6th in an attempt to destroy our government from the outside in. There is nothing in the world to suggest that they wouldn’t try to do the same thing from the inside out.

It Hurts to Die on Twitter

Losing your Twitter account is a lot like dying. It really is. It’s on a much smaller scale, of course, but there’s nothing else to compare it to.

One day, you’re joking around with your friends and scrapping with the schoolyard bullies. The next day you’re gone, and you don’t even know why.

Twitter never gave me a reason for why they suspended my account. The final message from them was a long-winded boilerplate about “Spamming” and that’s it. Not word since. Twitter doesn’t talk to the dead, especially if Twitter is the one who killed them.

Spamming. What is spamming? Isn’t that when you inundate a message board with the exact same message over and over again. And I mean, repeating the same message a lot of times, dozens if not hundreds of times, not just two or three.

I didn’t do that. Not even close.

Pasting the same message, usually commercial, hundreds of times everywhere is what spamming means to most of the world, but not to Twitter.

The reason I hate Jack Dorsey is because Twitter is one of the most poorly managed social media platforms in the world, yet it keeps growing in popularity and Jack just keeps adding another billion dollars to his bank account.

Twitter has also become one of the most essential websites on earth. Not popular, essential. It has reached the point that in order to live and work and integrate with the world, a person has to have a Twitter account in the exact same way that they need a telephone, the internet, or a car.

And yet, Twitter can kick you off for any reason, at any time, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

What’s worse is, there’s no consistency. Three people can post the exact same message and the first will get suspended, the second will get a seven-day time out, while the third will get no punishment at all.

I’ve had two accounts suspended now, and I can say in all honesty that I didn’t do anything bad enough to earn a permanent suspension. Take it with a grain of salt. I respect a healthy sense of skepticism.

But I never lied, and I never hurt anyone, and I never asked that anybody be hurt. I was never on the warpath, constantly, like so many of the conservative accounts.

Meanwhile, the liars and the hate-filled assholes with big accounts are safe and sound on Twitter, lying every day, and nothing will ever happen to them.

So I’m dead. Again. I died on Twitter. That world will go on without me, and sadly I probably won’t be missed. I just didn’t have what it takes to be a Twitter star.

Yet, here I am sitting at my computer, in a room filled with art supplies that I rarely used because I was too busy tweeting my precious, unique words into the void of an advertiser’s wet dream.

I don’t have a new life yet…but by God, I will soon.

(coming soon: why don’t anti-trust and monopoly laws apply to big tech like Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft? Is it because Wall Street, i.e. the rich, prefer it that way because it’s easier for them to maintain control?)

A World of Dirty Birds

Pretty sure someone had been lurking on my Twitter account, reporting even the slightest post that may have even remotely violated the inane Twitter Rules. I’ll never know who it was, but it was probably a local New Mexican Republican asshole who didn’t like me getting the best of Steve Pearce or Yvette Herrell, two enormously predictable corporate Republican assholes from New Mexico.

I hope it wasn’t someone posing as my friend. It could have been.

American Conservatives are honest to God fucked in the head. They want power and unquestioned control more than anything, but at the heart of it all, what they really love to do is just plain old “fuck with the libs.”

The weirdest thing is, whenever you find a staunch conservative on Twitter or Facebook, and you check out their bio, there’s always something in there about how much they love Jesus or God. And guns.

And “life.” Boy do they love life. Not all life, necessarily. Black lives are of very little importance to them. But they love fetuses. They’d kill for the life of a fetus. They’ll watch children get locked up in cages, or turn away and let them starve to death, but don’t you mess with their fetuses.

I’ll get back on Twitter eventually. I consider it a battle field. I’m a liberal soldier, and fighting is what I do. And by fighting, I mean arguing. I mean pointing out the errors and hypocrisy of Republican reasoning and making every effort to rectify it with facts and sound logic.

We rarely convince the person we’re arguing with that they’re wrong, but we can convince those who have bothered to pay attention to the argument, people who were usually sitting on the fence regarding the issue.

I’ll go back to Twitter in a few weeks, but for now, it’s me and God.

I usually refer to God as Providence. He used to be very close to me and my life, but I haven’t felt Him around in a long, long while. I feel like an old dog nobody wants to play with any more.

But I don’t feel bad about being suspended. I mean, it hurts, but I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Hard to believe, but it’s true. I don’t know how it all works when some low-level Twitter dickweed decides to suspend an account, but I’m betting that they really don’t put a hell of a lot of thought into it, especially if the account belongs to a nobody.

I tend to think there’s some sort of quota structure, and it sure does seem like Twitter is cracking down harder on liberals than they are on those lying asshole conservatives, maybe in an effort to seem more “fair” or maybe in an effort to win back more users from Parlor.

As an example of how random a suspension can be, Randi Rhodes has a Youtube account for her radio show that’s been suspended for ninety (90) days. It was apparently because she posted the thirteen-minute video of the Trump Insurrection that the Democrats used as evidence in congress. She doesn’t know for sure, because nobody from Youtube will talk to her.

I know Youtube isn’t Twitter, but it’s clear that they operate the same.

So if something like that can happen to a nationally syndicated Radio talk show host that has to abide by the much stricter FEC rules and regulations…fuck, it can happen to anybody.

Even you.

Suspended from Twitter

That was my last tweet, and presumably the one that earned the suspension, since Twitter hasn’t bothered to tell me why exactly I was suspended.

I seriously hate Jack Dorsey. I hope cancer eats him out by the asshole and he spends a millennia sucking Satan’s cock.

That god damned asshole owns one of the most important social media platforms on earth, and he runs it like shit.

People like me get suspended without explanation while honest to God monsters continue to spout their lies and vitriol without worry.

I hate the world right now. I especially hate Republicans.

And I truly despise multi-billionaires like Jack Dorsey who continue to get rich while owning one of the most poorly designed websites in the history of the internet.

Fuck fuck fuck, and fuck.

There is no justice in this world.