The Tell of Fascism

There are many aspects of fascism, some glaringly obvious, others less so. But one of the most pervasive factors–if not at times the most innocuous–is minority rule.

Fascists are very rarely given control. Fascists take control.

So it’s not exactly a head-scratcher to see how differently the Democrats and Republicans are reacting, legislatively, to the loss of the Orange Baboon King.

Democrats are seeking to make it easier and safer for everybody to vote.

Republicans are in overdrive trying to make it harder.

Quote of the Year:

It is a contradiction to say we must protect minority rights in the Senate while refusing to protect minority rights in the society.”

— Senator Warnoff, GA, March 19, 2021

The SOP of the GOP

Leave it to the Republicans and their noise machines to revert to old tactics when things are going good and getting better under Democratic leadership.

Seems we have a crisis at the border again due to President Biden’s “open border” policy. The thing is, Biden doesn’t have an “open border” policy.

According to Fox News, it’s worse than a crises: it’s an emergency.

Living a scant sixty (60) miles from the Mexican border, this comes as a surprise to me.

And to make matters all the more ridiculous, Fox is intent on sharing footage of dirt poor Hispanic mothers, often with infants in their arms and toddlers in tow while commenting how dangerous they are to the tune of ominous background music.

Relief checks are in the mail for millions of Americans suffering from the economic side-effects of the pandemic…checks that not one single Republican supported sending…and all Fox and its echo chamber has is footage of desperate Hispanic families fleeing to America for their lives.

I hate Republicans with a passion.

The Evil GOP

I’m afraid there’s no other way to accurately describe them. The GOP is evil. Perhaps a light, somewhat passive form of evil, but evil all the same. They serve themselves and their masters, and everybody else can just rot.

It can’t get much more serious than this. War would be more serious than a pandemic, but it would be a hell of a war to kill half a million people in the span of one year, like the pandemic did. And the Republicans basically did nothing.

In many ways, the Republicans did worse than nothing: they actively resisted any common-sense measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

They opened their states early, declared victory, and blamed “illegals” when the virus predictably began to spread more aggressively.

They actively resisted any coordinated nation-wide strategy, which was really the only effective way to fight Covid seriously.

And now, with the advent of a vaccine and millions being inoculated every day, Texas and Mississippi decided to reopen their states without restriction and to do away with the mask mandate…which they were never really enforcing anyway.

Just when things are starting to curve for the better, those assholes toss another monkey wrench into the works for good measure. The malice!

And they’ll blame Biden for the additional deaths, of course.

That’s evil.

I tune into Fox News once in a while to see if they’re still the stupid, lying, Republican propaganda mill that they’ve always been. They are.

Everyone on Fox is shit except for Juan Williams and maybe Donna Brazile (whom we never see)…but the worst of the worst has to be Laura Ingraham. There is a malicious arrogance about the woman that oozes wickedness.

She’s lying, and she knows it, and she thinks it’s funny as hell. She’s constantly telling her audience how badly the Democrats want to ruin their lives. It’s pure demonization, which accounts for half of all Fox News’ content.

And now that we’re trying to pass legislation for Covid relief, what are the Republicans doing? You guessed it, they’re gumming up the works any and every way they can.

They had the temerity to insist that the bill be read aloud on the Senate floor, then they had the audacity to ask if they could adjourn early because they spent the day reading the bill.

Swear to God, if America goes to war, we’re in trouble, because the Republicans have clearly demonstrated that they’re for sale to the highest bidder, and if our enemies outbid us, we’re screwed.