Wealth is not a Talent

To the left is the Walton family (I say that ironically).

There is absolutely nothing special about them whatsoever…other than their obscene wealth.

Their talent didn’t make them rich. The fact that their father was Sam Walton, founder of the evil Walmart megastore, is what made them rich.

Their talent does not keep them rich. They simply use their wealth to hire talented people to skew the American economic system so that they continue to get richer and richer every year, regardless of what they do.

How many people saw their wealth increase by 84% in the past five (5) years?

Pretty much the only people in our economic system who saw anything remotely close to that were in the richest one per cent (1%), or to be even more precise: the richest 0.1%.

The billionaires.


It’s not hard to see what’s wrong here.

In fact, the problem is very easy to see: the rich are too rich, so rich in fact that they use nothing but their wealth alone to further enrich themselves.

They have used their wealth to skew our political and economic system to the point where the only people even allowed to get rich are the people who are already filthy rich.

This is not sustainable.

The money that we need to spend to make this world sustainable and habitable for the foreseeable future is being hoarded by multi-billionaires and used to make them even richer.

This is a mile-high house of cards doomed to fail.

It’s only a matter of time.

The rich are eating our seed corn.

The earth is on the brink of inflammation.

The rich won’t lift a finger to fix things unless they can figure out how to get rich in the process, and the COVID-19 vaccine debacle is proof positive of that claim.

We’re in a serious fucking mess here.

The rich could save us…but they won’t.

Wow…a whole million dollars….

The Face of Evil

It’s real: evil.

I wish I could think of a better word as it relates to humanity. It sounds so dramatic, almost hysterical…but for now, “evil” will do.

It’s evil to look someone in the eyes and lie to their face.

It’s evil to raise money under the auspices of helping military veterans, or providing people with a sound education, and then secretly spend most of the money on yourself.

It’s evil to bear false witness.

It’s evil to promote the wants of the powerful over the needs of the powerless.

Time and time again, the faces of the Republican Party and its associates do every single one of those things in the course of a day. Then they go to bed, have a good night’s rest, wake up the next morning, and do it all over again.

I hate to wax hyperbolic, but it’s very important to be honest with yourself regarding any conflict, to know the ground, to see the face of your enemy.

And unfortunately the painful truth is that the Republican party and most of its members & supporters are—to one degree or another—evil. Most are evil in the passive sense, in the sense that they just don’t really care, but some are evil in the active sense, in that they care very much because they are manipulating people to get more of what they want: wealth & power.

Evil basically lives by a small set of standards:

  1. What’s good for me and the people like me is best for all, even if it isn’t.
  2. It’s all legal as long as you can get away with it.
  3. They can’t do anything to stop you until they do.

American Liberals—and by extension the working classes of every country in the world—are dealing with global corporate fascists who expect us to live by a golden set of rules to which they themselves will never adhere.

That’s evil.

Swiss Army Fools

A senior federal judge in California overturned the state’s longtime ban on assault weapons Friday, likening an AR-15 to a Swiss Army Knife in his ruling.

“Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment,” wrote Roger Benitez. (The Daily Beast)

Know this, and know it well:

Nothing will change until rich and powerful people start getting killed in mass shootings.

The gun industry–which is a founding member of the military industrial complex (the corporate cartel that rapes us to the tune of over $700 billion per year)–does not care how many people their products kill, maim, abuse, or terrorize.

They’ve probably filed that under some obscure “value added” clause.

As it is now, there is an average of one mass-shooting per day in America, but unless there are more than four or five casualties, the event rarely makes national news. Yes, we’ve been conditioned to that point of apathy: a mass shooting of three or four people is no longer nationally newsworthy.

And even when there are ten or twenty people killed, or more, then the same old song is sung on the network news shows…for a couple of days…and then everything goes back to normal and we basically forget it ever happened.

And why is that?

It’s because only nobodies are getting killed.

We’re pushing forty thousand nobodies getting gunned down every year, and not a damn thing is, or will be, done about it.

But you watch, someday a few dozen somebodies are going to get mowed down like blades of helpless grass in a thresher of flying Swiss Army lead–and things will change toot sweet.

Honest to God. If a few billionaires and Wall Street fat cats are having some kind of “freedom” shindig, and one of the caterers pulls out his trusty Swiss Army Knife and murders twenty people in the span of thirty seconds…then within a fortnight, congress will call a special session. Then they’ll ram through some legislation to ensure such a thing never happens again.

Nothing will change regarding gun violence in America until important people start dying from mass-shootings.

Tick-tock goes the clock….