In All the Wrong Places Again

I’m not sure why I can’t find anyone to connect with in this big, wild world of ours. Actually, I have been fortunate enough to find people in the past, but as I grow…I just seem to be growing away.

Daily Kos kicked me off for a week. My own fault, to be sure…but the place is still a shithole.

I honestly thought I’d chance upon some kindred spirits there, someone to joke around and play with, someone with whom I could have an honest debate.

No such luck.

Instead I’ve been pestered by a crew of thick-skulled Liberal Stinkers and hectored by a small but determined group of complete and utter assholes.

So I’ll take a break, and tone it down…and lower my expectations ever more, which at this point would be like digging a pit…in a hole…in the cellar of a basement.

Daily Kos honest to God sucks shit.