Wealth is not a Talent

To the left is the Walton family (I say that ironically).

There is absolutely nothing special about them whatsoever…other than their obscene wealth.

Their talent didn’t make them rich. The fact that their father was Sam Walton, founder of the evil Walmart megastore, is what made them rich.

Their talent does not keep them rich. They simply use their wealth to hire talented people to skew the American economic system so that they continue to get richer and richer every year, regardless of what they do.

How many people saw their wealth increase by 84% in the past five (5) years?

Pretty much the only people in our economic system who saw anything remotely close to that were in the richest one per cent (1%), or to be even more precise: the richest 0.1%.

The billionaires.


It’s not hard to see what’s wrong here.

In fact, the problem is very easy to see: the rich are too rich, so rich in fact that they use nothing but their wealth alone to further enrich themselves.

They have used their wealth to skew our political and economic system to the point where the only people even allowed to get rich are the people who are already filthy rich.

This is not sustainable.

The money that we need to spend to make this world sustainable and habitable for the foreseeable future is being hoarded by multi-billionaires and used to make them even richer.

This is a mile-high house of cards doomed to fail.

It’s only a matter of time.

The rich are eating our seed corn.

The earth is on the brink of inflammation.

The rich won’t lift a finger to fix things unless they can figure out how to get rich in the process, and the COVID-19 vaccine debacle is proof positive of that claim.

We’re in a serious fucking mess here.

The rich could save us…but they won’t.

Wow…a whole million dollars….

The Face of Evil

It’s real: evil.

I wish I could think of a better word as it relates to humanity. It sounds so dramatic, almost hysterical…but for now, “evil” will do.

It’s evil to look someone in the eyes and lie to their face.

It’s evil to raise money under the auspices of helping military veterans, or providing people with a sound education, and then secretly spend most of the money on yourself.

It’s evil to bear false witness.

It’s evil to promote the wants of the powerful over the needs of the powerless.

Time and time again, the faces of the Republican Party and its associates do every single one of those things in the course of a day. Then they go to bed, have a good night’s rest, wake up the next morning, and do it all over again.

I hate to wax hyperbolic, but it’s very important to be honest with yourself regarding any conflict, to know the ground, to see the face of your enemy.

And unfortunately the painful truth is that the Republican party and most of its members & supporters are—to one degree or another—evil. Most are evil in the passive sense, in the sense that they just don’t really care, but some are evil in the active sense, in that they care very much because they are manipulating people to get more of what they want: wealth & power.

Evil basically lives by a small set of standards:

  1. What’s good for me and the people like me is best for all, even if it isn’t.
  2. It’s all legal as long as you can get away with it.
  3. They can’t do anything to stop you until they do.

American Liberals—and by extension the working classes of every country in the world—are dealing with global corporate fascists who expect us to live by a golden set of rules to which they themselves will never adhere.

That’s evil.

Swiss Army Fools

A senior federal judge in California overturned the state’s longtime ban on assault weapons Friday, likening an AR-15 to a Swiss Army Knife in his ruling.

“Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment,” wrote Roger Benitez. (The Daily Beast)

Know this, and know it well:

Nothing will change until rich and powerful people start getting killed in mass shootings.

The gun industry–which is a founding member of the military industrial complex (the corporate cartel that rapes us to the tune of over $700 billion per year)–does not care how many people their products kill, maim, abuse, or terrorize.

They’ve probably filed that under some obscure “value added” clause.

As it is now, there is an average of one mass-shooting per day in America, but unless there are more than four or five casualties, the event rarely makes national news. Yes, we’ve been conditioned to that point of apathy: a mass shooting of three or four people is no longer nationally newsworthy.

And even when there are ten or twenty people killed, or more, then the same old song is sung on the network news shows…for a couple of days…and then everything goes back to normal and we basically forget it ever happened.

And why is that?

It’s because only nobodies are getting killed.

We’re pushing forty thousand nobodies getting gunned down every year, and not a damn thing is, or will be, done about it.

But you watch, someday a few dozen somebodies are going to get mowed down like blades of helpless grass in a thresher of flying Swiss Army lead–and things will change toot sweet.

Honest to God. If a few billionaires and Wall Street fat cats are having some kind of “freedom” shindig, and one of the caterers pulls out his trusty Swiss Army Knife and murders twenty people in the span of thirty seconds…then within a fortnight, congress will call a special session. Then they’ll ram through some legislation to ensure such a thing never happens again.

Nothing will change regarding gun violence in America until important people start dying from mass-shootings.

Tick-tock goes the clock….

An Ass Named Manchin

Sen. Joe Manchin: “I’m not ready to destroy our government. I’m not ready to destroy our government, no….”

More proof that you don’t have to be very bright to be a US Senator.

All you have to be is a multi-millionaire.

The filibuster, as it stands, is what’s destroying our government.

Historically, the filibuster was mainly used to kill any legislation that would have helped America’s non-whites. Literally. The filibuster is a racist legislative relic.

And I think Joe knows that, but Joe is one of those “conservative” Democrats, which is to say he will lie to your face like a Republican, but vote with the Democrats when it’s convenient in order to satisfy his dimwitted West Virginian base (93% white, ranking 47th out of 50 in education).

What are the Republicans currently using the filibuster against?

National voting rights, and a bi-partisan investigation into the Trump insurrection of January 6th.

Nothing more needs said.


…Manchin, the self-described centrist—which means he is so moderate a Democrat that he is always a threat to vote for Republican policies—from a state that he sees as unready to embrace climate change or big investment in recovery…. (Raw Story)

If rage destroys America as we know it, cowardice will be the crucial enabler.” (Paul Krugman)

“Manchin’s ploy: Make preserving the filibuster more important than any item (even voting rights or investigating insurrection) and insist, despite every bit of evidence to the contrary, that there are 10 Republican votes to break the impasse.” (Jennifer Rubin)

Public Enemy #213477

Or so. That’s me in the eyes of Twitter.

Twitter fucking banned me.

Maybe I wrote about this before….

Oh, well.

Banned. Me. A nobody who liked to post his drunken poems and the funny pictures he found on the internet.

Me, the guy who honestly cared about most of his followers and was worried when he didn’t see them for prolonged periods. Me, the guy who almost always followed back.

Me. The guy who occasionally argued with shithead conservatives, the man who occasionally lost his cool (same as them) and maybe said some things he shouldn’t have said.

Maybe I deserved a suspension, sure, I could understand that. But they fucking banned me, and I think I know why. It’s because I said this as often and as loudly as possible:

The rich are the enemy.

Apparently, they considered it spamming, though it’s impossible to tell because Twitter rarely specifically tells you what you did wrong.

They will tell you specifically when they suspend you. Then they’ll force you to delete the offending tweet. But when they ban you they just provide a link to their “Twitter Rules” page which is nothing but a bunch of legalese hogwash.

There is no justice or fairness about it. It’s not a “liberal” platform, believe me, just because they finally grew a set of balls and banned that gargantuan asshole Donald Trump.

There are Twitter accounts who are far worse at spamming than I was, and I see them all the time. I mean really obnoxious in your face repetitive horse shit…but I think Twitter allows them to live just so that they can rub my nose in it.

The fucking worms.

Fuck off and die, Twitter.

That goes for you too, dickface Dorsey.

You’re in charge of what is probably the most important social media platform in the world and you run it like shit.

But it doesn’t matter because you’re a rich billionaire motherfucker and in this world, that means you can do anything.

Fuck off and die, Dorsey.

Fuck off and die.

I promise you this: come election season, I’ll be back on your piece of shit website and I am going to raise holy hell.

(“fuck off and die” is a cheeky colloquialism that we’ve been tossing around since at least my high school days, but on Twitter it’s considered a literal death threat and will get you suspended. But this isn’t Twitter.)

The Endless Fall of the GOP

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R) hails from my home state of Colorado and embarrasses me on a daily basis.

Needless to say this mouthy, illiterate high-school dropout with a criminal record is a perfect fit for the modern Republican party.

Speaking for Colorado’s 3rd District, she basically represents the western half of the state and a curious outcropping toward the southeast that reaches up and over into Pueblo like a short fat penis.

A brand new addition to our hallowed grounds of congress, in 2020 she ran against a retired college professor, Diane Mitsch Bush, a woman with four years of experience in the Colorado House of Representatives.

District Three Coloradans voted for the mouthy dropout instead.

There’s really nothing remarkable about Representative Boebert. She owns and operates a half-assed greasy spoon in Rifle, Colorado, called “Shooter’s Grill.” In 2020 it had its license suspended (Lauren refused to comply with Covid orders–surprise). Operational as of this writing, Shooters claim to fame is that the waitresses carry loaded side-arms. Basically a burger joint, Shooter’s was rumored to be on the verge of bankruptcy before Boebert won office but it is now comfortably in the black.

All of that would be irrelevant if Lauren wasn’t such a yutz.

But the fact is that all of Boebert’s financial woes seemed to have magically disappeared as soon as she won office. Don’t take my word for it. Feel free to Google it yourself, but trust me, it’s a murky dig.

Boebert’s strong suit is that she’s a pretty face and just smart enough to adhere to the party line. She faithfully mouths the talking points fed to her by the GOP brass. She likes to carry a gun. She can be depended upon to attack liberals mercilessly and to brazenly say and do the most outlandish things on que.

And she lies through her teeth, which seems to be a prerequisite for becoming a Republican.

Best I can tell, she’s half-owned by the NRA and about one-third owned by the oil industry. The rest belongs to the hearts of her Q-Anon constituency and the fundamental belligerence “base” which is the foundation of the American right (“Let’s trigger the libs!”)

She is a living example of a political party completely devoid of new ideas, a party that stands for nothing but tax cuts and deregulation, a party that literally can’t tell the truth when its life depends on it.

She’s a “disruptor” much like Trump was. Disrupting the political process seems to have become a Republican strategy.

She represents a party that can’t die fast enough yet, like some hideous monstrosity from the romantic era, time and again the Republicans keep rising from the dead.

While AOC is the future of the Democratic party, Boebert seems to be the future of the GOP.

And that should be hilarious…but it’s not.

It might be kind of cute so see some pretty high school girl, face agrin, sitting in the cockpit of your passenger plane for a photograph…until you realize she’s never flown before in her life, and she’s the one landing the plane.

Life, Such As It Is

There is a mighty power in anonymity and the passive voice.

It’s that slender walkway between earth and space where you just don’t have to give a fuck.

If you see it, say it.

Don’t say it if you don’t see it.

I’ll give the “F Word” (fascist) a break, because I’m fairly certain it’s a word we’ll be hearing more about in the coming months.

What I want to talk about now are the traitors to their class who lucked out and fancied themselves geniuses.

Kelsey Grammar, Kirstie Alley, Mel Gibson, and that whole rightwing celebrity lot. Even worse are the lucky billionaire boys like Musk, Bezos, Gates, dickface Dorsey and the rest.

Almost all of them came from nowhere, just like the rest of us. But as soon as they stepped through those golden gates, boy oh boy, did you notice how they couldn’t slam the door behind them fast enough?

And they did it, they soared to the heavens mainly by luck of the fact they had an unusually marketable face and body. Well, for the celebrities. For Musk and Bezos and the rest of those assholes, they basically lucked out and managed to be in the right place at the right time.

They were also fortunate enough to have evolved in a system specifically designed to make rich people even richer, above all else.

I am at a loss regarding how to deal with people who have chosen a proven liar and cheat to be their fearless leader.

Lindsey Graham is a spineless pile of shit.

Boebert is a high school drop out with a marketable face and body fully owned by the NRA and the gun industry.

Herrell is the consummate opportunist sans original thought.

Greene is a literal white supremacist rich girl from the south who has done whatever she wanted to do all of her pathetic, privileged little life because she knew nobody could ever do anything about it in her greedy racist, little corner of the world.

Her daddy was a big time contractor.

You know the type.

She was accustomed to bossing people around from a very young age.

The rich are the enemy.

The rich are the only thing standing between the workers and a better life.

A living wage, affordable healthcare, decent retirement, affordable education, child care, etc. All of it.

All of it would be ours if not for the rich.

“When you see physical brutality emerging, you can pretty much bet that you’re entering a full-blown fascist era.”Thom Hartmann

Fascism Spelled “GOP”

It’s good to see so many other people recognize that the GOP is now, in fact, a modern American fascist movement. Both Howard Dean and Teri Kanefield said as much recently. They’re not the only ones, and I’m sure there will be more to follow.

It sounds extreme, and I know a lot of people aren’t on board yet, but if a political player’s eyes are open and they’re honest, I’m pretty sure they’ll be coming around soon enough and risk saying aloud the verboten.

We are staring into the face of fascism and it’s spelled GOP.

Fascism can’t conceal itself for very long because, unsurprisingly, fascism is actually very proud of itself, its objectives, and its dream of a “better world.”

At first they’ll hide behind foggy weasel words and ideals such as “Tradition” (white), and “America First” (white America), “Freedom of Religion” (theirs, not yours). They are ever vigilant and lie in wait to attack anything that remotely threatens white male dominance, such as civil rights, reproductive rights, open homosexuality, and feminism.

But rest assured, as soon as fascists get the upper hand they will inevitably trumpet their plans and goals loud and clear.

Another signature characteristic of fascism is a pliable political base that prefers a singular authoritarian strongman’s rule because, bottom line, rank and file Republican voters do not like to think for themselves.

The fascist strongman wins over his working class base by pandering to their bigotry, exploiting their ignorance, and amplifying their fears (creating an enemy).

The authoritarian wins over his wealthy corporate donors (corporations and rich people are virtually one in the same) by being at their beck and call and giving them everything they want…that is, everything they want up until the point where his political movement is even stronger than their collective multi-billionaire will, after which they will be in service to him, and not the other way around.

We can’t negotiate with fascists.

We can only defeat them and render them inert.

And that’s why we have to dispense with the filibuster and legislate a federal fair election law, now.

We might not get another chance.

Stupidity, Greed, and Apathy

These three things have plagued civilized man since the days when we were constructing simple, igloo shaped mud huts out of wattle and reed, tens of thousands of years ago. They have been a constant impediment to peace and progress, and someday they may well serve as our demise.

The stupidity side of life needs no explaining. You can’t go out into the world and not see it. Probably the worst thing about stupid people is that they either don’t know that they’re stupid, or they kind of know but just don’t care. They’re smart in other ways, they tell themselves, which is probably true but not very comforting.

I submit that the fundamental stupidity of the working class is the biggest problem of all.

Second to stupidity is the flagrant, self-righteous, and rapacious greed inherent in the upper classes, in particular the richest one-tenth of one percent. This is a class of people wherein a few thousand families have as much wealth and power as the rest of the world combined. A few thousand people literally control the destiny of billions.

Their greed is one thing, but their lust for power and control that goes hand in hand with their great wealth is kind of like a ticking time bomb that only a hero can defuse.

Take this to heart, because it’s the God’s truth: if the rich are ever on the verge of losing control of this country, they’ll burn the place to the ground before letting us have it.

Last but not least is the pervasive apathy of knowing all of this, yet being unable to do anything about it, so you just stop caring. I think there are different degrees of apathy, ranging from a person not caring because they’re too self-absorbed, to a person not knowing enough to care, and finally to a person like me and millions of others who know all too well what the problems are and yet, we’re utterly helpless to effect change.

And that’s kind of where I am at, right now.

There’s still a huge “Trump/Pence” sign on some shithead’s yard in Roswell. It’s in a fortress-like section of land, all fenced off from the hoi polloi. The family living there obviously has money, more than the average Roswellian, but they’re not rich. They just think they are.

Five months after Trump lost the election, his cult is as strong as ever.

While I was gassing my car, I saw this clap-trap, rusty old pickup truck with a Trump/Pence sticker on its badly deteriorated bumper.

Oh, yeah, Trump really cares about those guys, and don’t tell them any differently.

By rights, after fomenting an insurrection on January 6th, Trump should have been detained and on trial by now, but what’s he doing instead? Playing golf on his over-rated Mara Largo resort and raising millions of dollars of campaign donations that he can spend any way he likes. And he likes to spend it on himself.

We’re probably going to have to deal with Trump and his coterie of ignorant assholes again in 2024…and currently, I’m at a complete loss as to what to do about it, so for now…I just don’t care.

Our Health Care Emergency

Make no mistake about it: every one of us is likely to spend the last miserable moments of our lives in a hospital room. It’s not pretty. It ain’t fun. And it sure as hell isn’t cheap.

While there are a lot of good things about the American health care system, let’s not kid ourselves: there’s ample room for improvement.

The list is too long to review in detail, but this is the one thing that I think could be fixed this year, with relative ease, and it would improve our system tremendously: onsite pharmacies where the first prescriptions are included in the general cost of care.

This way, when the patient is discharged, they have at least one cycle of medicine they need to recuperate (be it for a day, a week, or even a month…longer preferably).

Long story short: my mom went to the emergency room, and they kept her overnight for observation. Late the next evening, out of the blue, the nurse walks in and tells her she can go home. So they give her a list of medications to buy…all of them abominably expensive for a retired beautician…and send her on her merry way.

Now she has to drive clear the fuck across town, late at night, to try to buy life preserving prescriptions. And to make matters worse, the pharmacy would not be able to fill the order until noon of the next day.

And here’s a kicker: she was supposed to take one of those drugs that very night upon release, per the doctor’s specific instructions. But she didn’t, because she couldn’t.

This is horseshit. This has to be one of the god-damned dumbest things I’ve ever seen, and I know it’s been going on forever.

Also, “Part D Medicare” is a fucking crime against humanity. I can’t think of any logical reason to break those payments off into separate payment plans other than it somehow benefits Big Pharma.

We pay into Medicare all of our fucking lives, yet once we retire and start receiving our Social Security checks, the fuckers deduct Medicare from the benefits.

What the fucking hell?

I’m so mad…it would probably constitute a crime if I wrote just how fucking mad I am, but suffice it to say, I am mad. Seeing red.

The time for change is now.