Where Lies are Lore

“China’s Fascist Govt.”

The lies just never stop at old “fair & balanced” Fox News.

I couldn’t find the graphic, but I do recall seeing this segment of Tucker’s show where the little banner at the bottom of the screen said something like “Liberal NBA Caves to Fascist China.” I’m almost certain it said something to that effect, but the image above will suffice for now.

It is dangerous to live in a country where a major, mainstream cable news channel can lie so egregiously—on a daily basis—and suffer no consequences whatsoever.

Tucker is twisting reality to imply that it is the liberal mindset that caused this cave-in to China, and not the conservative corporate thirst for China’s gargantuan, untapped market.

This is why we have Trump. Thanks to the daily manipulation of reality on the part of Fox and other right-wing media, millions of Americans honestly believe that Trump is more honest than Obama.

It goes without saying that China is not “fascist.” China’s economy is hopefully communist while its government is hopelessly authoritarian. The Chinese government is so pathetically thin-skinned that it cannot bear even the slightest, most harmless of criticisms from anyone, ever, about anything.

Secondly, the NBA is far from “liberal” as are almost all major league sports franchises. It is corporate to the core of its being and lives for only one thing: profits.

But behold how quickly Fox News will shuffle the deck of reality to suit its corporate narrative. Something’s wrong, so blame the libs.

Somewhere along the line, truth has lost its value in America. Now, truth is just considered an alternative opinion. How did we get here? Did the predominance of the advertising mentality play a role? I tend to think yes, but there must be other reasons, too.

Like the concentration of wealth and the consolidation of power, and how the opinion of one billionaire has become more important than that of a billion people combined.

I don’t know what can be done about it, but something needs to change before long or we’re in trouble. But here I am being hopeful again, because it’s probably too late.

The Market Mentality

Gotta hand it to the South Park guys. Two shows in to their wildly unpredictable 23rd season, and they’re making a stand. I’m behind them all the way.

The first show—Mexican Joker—touched on the “marketing” strategies of crony capitalism in regards to legalized marijuana. Unlike wine or beer, cannabis is ridiculously easy to grow, and the Wall Street pigs, out for every greedy cent of profit, will do everything they can to prohibit people from cultivating their own herb.

The tragedy is that in light of how our our system works, there’s a good chance big biz will get away with it. By way of government regulations (which they claim to wholeheartedly despise), big biz will “support” (read “pay off”) key politicians to pass needless laws and require onerous licensing fees, safety rules, and other bullshit hurdles to the point where it will just be easier to buy their product off the shelf rather than grow your own.

And it won’t end there. Not only will they make it ridiculously expensive to grow your own, but they’ll make damn sure you can’t distribute any of it without a friendly visit from your local DEA and the threat of an onerous jail sentence.

In all likelihood, it’s gonna happen.

The last thing most marijuana users want to see is the big corporate takeover of the industry, as we’ve seen with beer producers. We do not want to see a Budweiser or Coors of the cannabis world…but Wall Street sure as hell does.

Most marijuana smokers would rather see 900 millionaires, all competing and adding to the experimental diversity of the newborn, legalized cannabis world. Instead, as legalized marijuana grows more mainstream, what we’re likely to see is one or two families, each worth $900 million dollars, who control 80% of the weed market.

Mexican Joker also had a scene where Kyle converted a group of kids in a detention camp to Judaism, which was spot on but probably made a lot of people scratch their heads…and that fully deserves a critique all its own, but maybe not here and now.

I don’t want to minimize the importance of this issue: detaining children in prisoncamp conditions, away from their parents. I feel bad for focusing more on the weed story than the obviously more serious problem of separating children from their parents and locking them up (which I’m dead set against).

It’s just that…it’s so obviously wrong…that it’s kind of sad that anyone in our country thinks it’s a good idea. Kind of sad? God damned tragic.

In the second episode, Band in China—and this was disturbing—Trey and Matt revealed the leverage that China now has on our American markets, in particular our entertainment sector.

Only days after that episode, a gaming company fired an employee for supporting the Hong Kong protests, and a basketball mogul bent over backwards to appease the thin-skinned Communist kelptocrats — proving that Trey and Matt were dead right.

It’s funny how the mostly conservative “free market” Wall Street types are all for government deregulation until that market happens to be China. Suddenly, everything changes where there’s profit to be had. Suddenly it’s all “rules are rules” and “Hey, what are you gonna do?”

Wall Street is effectively carrying out Communist China’s dictates for the sake of market access. Go figure.

I don’t know how many seasons South Park has left. They can probably go for another ten seasons, or until they just finally burn out. The show has been everything from a kiddie cavalcade of fart, vomit, and poop jokes, to a serialized melodrama regarding everything from militant PC culture to the many pros and cons of the internet.

But however long Matt and Trey last, I hope they keep throwing punches till the end.

And I’ll be standing in their corner all the way.

Trump Has Lost His Mind

Been watching Trump today for as long as I could stomach him, which wasn’t long, only a few minutes at a time.

The guy is clearly off the rails. He’s denying the validity of information that he himself provided to congress.

He’s making up lies as he goes along.

Is the GOP truly so bereft of integrity that they can stand by idly and watch this happen? Are they truly that spineless, or are they out of touch with reality, or in some bizarre way, do they like this?

Does the GOP like how Trump is flaunting every convention that our country was built upon? Is this how the ultra-rich tell the world to fuck off, and laugh about it?

Pretty Much Screwed

It pains me to say this, but I think the human race is pretty much screwed. All of the things that we need to start doing, right now, in order to save the world as we know it…simply are not going to happen because a few thousand ultra-rich assholes are afraid to lose some money in the process.

And that’s the God’s truth. That’s pretty much the only thing holding us back. We have the know-how, and to a large extent, as a global culture, we even have the will. But the richest among us, the people who ultimately call the shots whether we like it or not, aren’t going to do shit.

So, we’re fucked.

I wish I had the magic words to change things, but I don’t. Apparently nobody does.

I don’t know what’s going to happen over the course of the next 500 years, but it doesn’t look good. The rich will go to any lengths to maintain their wealth and power, and if that means sitting back on a private island and watching the world burn, so be it.

Maybe it’s time for us all to learn how to fiddle….

Deep Sigh

The world’s still crazy. Too crazy to even encapsulate here.

Tucker Carson called John Bolton a “leftist.”


John Bolton is to leftism what Godzilla is to Bambi.

Trump rolled back water protections. Everybody knows how pesky clean water regulations are to corporate profits.

Trump’s supporters are flaunting “Trump 2024” fliers, which would be a third term for the conman in chief, and Trump Tweeted the image approvingly.

Republicans act like it’s just a joke, but I’m pretty sure they’re not joking. Trump literally posted a picture of it on his Twitter account.

Putin, too, Trump’s best pal, was elected president of Russia around the year 2000…and he never left office.

These are serious red flags.

There is not one agency in our government that will do shit about it. Such has money corrupted our self-rule.

As a wise man once said, “Government should stand between wealth and power, not for it.”

Trump attacked the National Weather Service for contradicting him about the path of a hurricane. Seriously?

Trump is now denying the very fact of weather as measured by meteorological professionals around the world? Threatening to fire them if they don’t fudge the numbers in Trump’s favor?

Sound crazy? It is! And it’s happening now!

If Sanders or Warren beats Trump in the election of 2020, those GOP assholes will not lie down and die. Guarantee it. In fact, in all likelihood they’ll use the loss of the election to justify some pretty violent and unprecedented bullshit, just as Chile saw in 1973.

Prepare yourself, peaceful warriors.

We’re past the point of fucking around.

Labor Day is a New, New Year

I think there are two “New Years” starting points in every 12-month period: the first being New Year’s Eve, of course, and the second being Labor Day, the herald of the year’s end.

Year’s end? Yeah, basically. The last lap. Every beginning is preceded by an end.

Interestingly, Labor Day is traditionally celebrated in September, the ninth month, just like a human’s gestation period…basically….though some say ten months is more accurate…the martinets.

You can feel it. Something about the fall air saturated with sage, the V-formations of geese flying south, and especially the scent of fallen leaves, with all its dear decay…it symbolizes a new beginning, somehow, watching the world die a bit.

Death must portend a new beginning. If nothing ever died, we’d still be crocodiles.

Renewal in September has been bred into us by way of custom, an annual routine the world over, especially since it’s the beginning of a school year when everyone advances a grade in reality and rises a step on the ladder symbolically. Come September, the 10-year-old fifth grader morphs into the 10-year-old sixth grader. Our civilization relies heavily on routines, schedules, and boring traditions, both long-term and short.

It doesn’t bother most people, but sometimes the daily grind bugs the hell out of me.

I hate the routine of a 40-hour week. It killed me, as I think it kills most people. Up, shower, feed, drive, work-work-work, lunch, work-work-work, drive home. Capitalism at its finest: a soul-sucking regimen, a tiresome routine that will assassinate our souls. That said, just as a bad routine will kill us, a good routine will save our lives.

A good routine is a strength.

A good routine helps you get things done. It’s because even though your mind isn’t in the mood, your body—like a well-trained horse—will just walk the route anyway, because it simply doesn’t feel right until the routine is completed. Most animals are that way. Man is an animal.

Strive to invent your own routine. In so doing, you can reinvent yourself.

And relax. If you’ve got nowhere to go, and no place where you’ve gotta be, then count yourself blessed. You’re right where you should be.

It’s what rich people dream of.

Our President the Pig

This doesn’t even need explaining. This is something that a spoiled brat would say on the playground. The man is beneath contempt, and if there is any justice in this world, someday old Donny will don an orange jumpsuit even brighter than the dye he uses to spray-tan his loathsome, decrepit old carcass.

If this were a one-time gaff, sure, it could be forgiven. But it’s not. He’s like this constantly, with everyone. Belligerent, condescending, self-aggrandizing, and worst of all, a shameless prevaricator, he acts like this now because he’s behaved like this all his life.

And he’s always gotten away with it: a spoiled rich kid with no regard for either decency or the truth, a billionaire’s bastard who always had the money to intimidate anyone who stood in his way.

The worst of it is that he’s inspiring tyrants around the world to behave in the same churlish manner, as seen by Bolsonaro’s recent provocative taunt against Macron’s wife. That’s always the sign of a class act: going after someone’s wife.

This is not normal, but apparently this is the kind of world in which Trump’s rich supporters want us to live.

And if past is prologue, this sort of flagrant, aggressive, mocking cruelty is the harbinger of fascism.

And that is no joke.

Social Media Sinkholes

Tried to create a new Twitter account last night, but the Twitter gods wouldn’t let me. They banned me for “hateful conduct” which was total bullshit.

I was arguing with some aggressive asshole who kept including me in his, her, or its replies. I used profanity, she didn’t. She reported me. That was that.

It still bothers me because it doesn’t even remotely represent what actually happened.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the three biggest and most important social media websites, and they are about the most piss-poor run little sewer holes you can think of. Arbitrary, profit-driven, lax with personal data, each site has become an important piece of modern living, yet each is privately owned, and they can ban whomever they want, for any reason they want.

That’s fucking dangerous. It perfectly reflects what’s wrong with western capitalism. When the rich control the very things that everybody needs to get by in this world, then they will always control it to their benefit. Those three behemoths should be broken up somehow, but their size and centralized paradigms serve the powers that be, so get used to it.

I try to look at it as a blessing in disguise. Those sites can suck a lot of time out of our lives.

For about five years, I spent a lot of time and made a concerted effort to create an interesting, artistic, and politically enlightened Twitter account.

I never broke the 2000 follower wall.

But if I were an apolitical teenage girl posting pictures of my dirty panties, I probably would have had 50,000 followers within weeks.

That’s the reality of our world.

I know this sounds paranoid, but I don’t think that Twitter is what it appears to be. I don’t think it treats everybody the same. Quite a few conservative low-lifes have learned how to game the system. They openly taunt and harass liberals, but they do it in such a way that it’s always just within the rules.

And Jack Dorsey (owns Twitter) is a Trump-loving, low-life, jack-off prick.

But he’s rich, so everybody acts like he’s a fucking genius.

If I ever hit the big time and publish my stories, I’ll try to get back on Twitter again, because in this day and age its almost a necessity. I’ll be a hell of a lot more careful, but I will never forgive those cocksuckers for painting me as a hateful person when all I did was cuss in the midst of an online argument.

Hey @Jack – suck on this, you piece of shit.

Writers & Booze

The two go hand-in-hand: writing and drinking. Though not an absolute necessity, there are very few truly great writers who didn’t drink.

I feel guilty about it, sometimes, because once in a while I overdo it and end up face-down on the bathroom floor. Then my roommate walks in with her arms crossed and chastises me.

“I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all,” she says.

“Woman! How do you think I feel?!!” I didn’t do this on purpose, and it hardly ever happens, but sometimes it just happens. Mistakes happen.

It’s called life.

At times I envy people who don’t drink, but then there are other times where I hardly consider them human. They’ve never learned to let go and cut loose. They’ve never allowed themselves to be someone else.

Sure, on the whole, they’re more successful, the non-drinkers. And I respect that, on a certain level.

It’s just that what passes for “success” is, more often than not, merely an example of convenient conformity.

“Oh, wow, look. The square peg found a square hole. How impressive.”

So I know it’s an ongoing battle. Win some, lose some. But I also know that drinking truly does help my writing, when done with forethought and a sense of strategy.

I just wish I could market myself with as much certainty.

Someday…someday soon….