2021: The Life Raft Year

Let’s just say, it was better than the alternative.

Christmas Eve, some old gal…I say old gal, but she was about my age…pretended to ask the woman at the head of the line a question, and then she cut in line, right in front of me and a few people behind me. One could argue that she didn’t see me and made an honest mistake. One could also argue that she was either an idiot or just an asshole. I’m going with asshole.

At any rate, it pretty much ruined my day. She was such a cunt about it. She cuts in line, then starts fucking around on her phone when a slot opened up, making everyone wait for her highness to get her shit together like everybody else. On Christmas Eve.

I wanted to punch her.

While it’s nice to have a sane presidential administration in charge again, the Republicans are still complete assholes and that’s never likely to change.

Like, recently I heard some guy on the radio, a Rush Limbaugh replacement. Very smooth voice, very authoritative, and totally full of shit.

For ten minutes he bashed Biden about the unconstitutionality of a vaccine mandate. For ten minutes after that, he bashed Biden about the Covid fatalities rising so much on his watch.

And that sums them up, the Republicans.

They don’t want to do anything to help, then they blame Biden for nothing getting done.

I hate their fucking guts and I always will.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.

Happy Fucking New Year.