60 Million Morons

Having the devoted support of sixty million morons is nothing to brag about, but then again, that’s how Trump stays in power.

They say things like: “Is he not the most politically correct? Sure, but who really cares?”

Or malarkey like this: “The pompous and self-righteous who rise up and claim the Right has become evil can’t seem to deal with the reality that all political groups and parties have become that.”

No, they haven’t. The GOP and right-wing media are liars. Liars are evil.

There is no complimentary comparison to the left. Not even close.

You can’t talk sense to idiots. They think they have the right to believe what they want to believe, sans facts, and screw the rest. And I suppose that’s true.

But their misbegotten beliefs won’t do a thing to stop this ship from sinking. And while our country may not be sinking, the ship’s taking in water.