A World of Dirty Birds

Pretty sure someone had been lurking on my Twitter account, reporting even the slightest post that may have even remotely violated the inane Twitter Rules. I’ll never know who it was, but it was probably a local New Mexican Republican asshole who didn’t like me getting the best of Steve Pearce or Yvette Herrell, two enormously predictable corporate Republican assholes from New Mexico.

I hope it wasn’t someone posing as my friend. It could have been.

American Conservatives are honest to God fucked in the head. They want power and unquestioned control more than anything, but at the heart of it all, what they really love to do is just plain old “fuck with the libs.”

The weirdest thing is, whenever you find a staunch conservative on Twitter or Facebook, and you check out their bio, there’s always something in there about how much they love Jesus or God. And guns.

And “life.” Boy do they love life. Not all life, necessarily. Black lives are of very little importance to them. But they love fetuses. They’d kill for the life of a fetus. They’ll watch children get locked up in cages, or turn away and let them starve to death, but don’t you mess with their fetuses.

I’ll get back on Twitter eventually. I consider it a battle field. I’m a liberal soldier, and fighting is what I do. And by fighting, I mean arguing. I mean pointing out the errors and hypocrisy of Republican reasoning and making every effort to rectify it with facts and sound logic.

We rarely convince the person we’re arguing with that they’re wrong, but we can convince those who have bothered to pay attention to the argument, people who were usually sitting on the fence regarding the issue.

I’ll go back to Twitter in a few weeks, but for now, it’s me and God.

I usually refer to God as Providence. He used to be very close to me and my life, but I haven’t felt Him around in a long, long while. I feel like an old dog nobody wants to play with any more.

But I don’t feel bad about being suspended. I mean, it hurts, but I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Hard to believe, but it’s true. I don’t know how it all works when some low-level Twitter dickweed decides to suspend an account, but I’m betting that they really don’t put a hell of a lot of thought into it, especially if the account belongs to a nobody.

I tend to think there’s some sort of quota structure, and it sure does seem like Twitter is cracking down harder on liberals than they are on those lying asshole conservatives, maybe in an effort to seem more “fair” or maybe in an effort to win back more users from Parlor.

As an example of how random a suspension can be, Randi Rhodes has a Youtube account for her radio show that’s been suspended for ninety (90) days. It was apparently because she posted the thirteen-minute video of the Trump Insurrection that the Democrats used as evidence in congress. She doesn’t know for sure, because nobody from Youtube will talk to her.

I know Youtube isn’t Twitter, but it’s clear that they operate the same.

So if something like that can happen to a nationally syndicated Radio talk show host that has to abide by the much stricter FEC rules and regulations…fuck, it can happen to anybody.

Even you.