Alive Again

Back on Twitter. Back on Facebook. The Republican “Keyboard Warriors” are on the march again, so we keyboard slackers must rise to the task, don our armor, and ridicule them mercilessly.

Twitter is kind of a downer. As I’ve said before, a brilliant mature man will be lucky to get 500 followers, while an ill-educated teenage girl with dirty underwear will capture tens of thousands.

Twitter suspended my Sam Brodeaux account last year, and it cut me deeply. So this time, I’m going to avoid heated confrontation and just try not to take it too seriously. Unfortunately, it’s easy to take little things like Twitter seriously when you don’t have a lot going in your life.

But, with Twitter, it’s the little things that count. “Like” a good post. Add a sly comment here or there, good or bad. I think it matters, but I can’t say exactly how much.

It’s a war of degrees.

I pretty much hate Facebook. I’m probably not going to get involved with anyone there. It’s a pretty shitty platform and the owners are data pigs, but I need it to comment on a lot of websites, to fight the good fight.

I had a lot of pretty good friends on FB, but most of them turned out to be Trump supporters, and I just couldn’t stand it any more. I couldn’t look the other way. I couldn’t pretend it didn’t matter.

I’ll bet money most of them are still Trump supporters, which is tragic.

But…anyway…we do what we can, even if it’s next to nothing.