Conservative Demonization

Found this yesterday among the top images of a “send her back” Google search. I shouldn’t be surprised. This is exactly the playground mindset of the average Republican. Exactly.

Distort everything because they are unable and unwilling to address the issue itself. This has been going on forever. They have such teensy-weensy little minds that it’s impossible for them to cogitate complex issues, especially if they’re wrong. And they’re usually wrong.

I’ve been on the internet for about twenty (20) years and I’ve seen this kind of childish demonization of liberals from the very start. It hasn’t changed, and it isn’t likely to.

Conservatives like to consider themselves to be “the adults in the room.” You don’t have to dig very deep to see how that’s not the case at all, and more often than not, the opposite is true.

The modern conservative Republican is a child in an adult’s body.

And we’re stuck with them.

But one thing’s for sure: conservatives love their traditions.