Conservative “Freedom”

Here we see your typical conservative stud berating an old woman for wearing a mask.

Tough guy. Wish I was there and tequila drunk.

Whenever you hear a conservative talking about freedom, this is the essence of their debate: freedom for me to do whatever the hell I want, and freedom for you to like it or lump it.

They talk about corporate “freedom” — deregulation — the “right to work” and so forth. That just means they want to let big corporations do whatever the fuck they want, and everybody else has the freedom to clean up the mess and pick up the bill.

Hog resources. Pollute the environment. Underpay their workers and force them to labor in unsafe surroundings. That’s corporate freedom. That’s deregulation.

So every time you hear a Republican howling about freedom, remember that dickless wonder in the photo above, towering over a defenseless little old lady and screaming in her face.

Because that is the heart of their argument.