Daily Kos is a Shithole

I’m sorry to say that this site will never accomplish anything no matter how much money you throw at it. This site exists in a solipsistic netherworld of egomania and infighting. I’m curious to know how many people sign up to this site and leave after about a month, never to be seen again, because they are driven away by all of the assholes here who undermine confidence and sow discord.”

That’s not a quote, but a pretty accurate paraphrase, and I think that’s what did it. I had written an apolitical diary about a regretful high school incident on the same day, but I can’t imagine being kicked off for that.

Nope, I merely pointed out the obvious.

There are A LOT of perfect assholes on the Daily Kos and for some inexplicable reason, that site protects them.

I think that the site’s owner and operator, Markos Moulitsas, used to be a good guy. Now, he’s just in it for the money. In addition to the few thousand a month he’s getting from subscribers, he’s getting over three million unique views every day, and that transcribes into advertising moolah too.

Plus, when you consider his “valiant” defense of Hillary Clinton and his loathsome mudslinging against Bernie Sanders in 2020, it’s pretty safe to say that the DCCC or some other form of establishment donor is tossing some serious money his way, too.

It would be too tedious to go into great detail, but there are quite a few people on the Daily Kos who will go out of their way to shred you and your ideas in the most…insincere way possible…but they’re playing by the “rules of the road” as the site likes to say, so they get away with it.

It’s sad, and very disappointing, that the left’s allegedly premier website for organizing and planning is nothing but a money-grubbing scam.

But it is.