Faces of Conservatism

The face of denial: Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida has the highest new infection rates in the country.

Yet, instead of making an effort to contain the virus and limit the spread, what has he done? He banned businesses from requiring vaccination, ignored health officials, and banned schools from requiring masks.

Apparently he thinks the virus knows to stay away from schools.

The guy declared victory over Covid last year, around April I think, and made sure to pat himself on the back.

The face of cruelty: Fox News Host, Tucker Carlson.

Berates the 150 Capitol Hill officers who defended against 9,000 insurrectionists on January Sixth.

Essentially calls them a bunch of babies.

The face of mockery: Fox News Host, Laura Ingraham.

Actually invented “Best Performance” awards mocking the four Capitol police officers who testified before congress.

During “The Ingraham Angle,” she declared that Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn gave the “best political performance” and Officer Michael Fanone gave the “best action performance.” Her show’s team even mocked up some trophy graphics.

I guess her next step down into the pit of depravity is to fashion little voodoo dolls of the officers and stick pins and needles into them on live air.

The face of fascism: the rich.

Yes, this is something I’ve thought about but could never prove.

Yes, it is not Trump alone keeping this modern-day fascist movement alive and well: it is America’s richest people who are determined to stay in power at all costs.

Buckle up, kids.

It’s just gonna get worse.

For now, though, conservative groups seem to be doubling down on their investments in election-fraud alarmism. In the next two years, Heritage Action plans to spend twenty-four million dollars mobilizing supporters and lobbyists who will promote “election integrity,” starting in eight battleground states, including Arizona. The New Yorker