Fascism Spelled “GOP”

It’s good to see so many other people recognize that the GOP is now, in fact, a modern American fascist movement. Both Howard Dean and Teri Kanefield said as much recently. They’re not the only ones, and I’m sure there will be more to follow.

It sounds extreme, and I know a lot of people aren’t on board yet, but if a political player’s eyes are open and they’re honest, I’m pretty sure they’ll be coming around soon enough and risk saying aloud the verboten.

We are staring into the face of fascism and it’s spelled GOP.

Fascism can’t conceal itself for very long because, unsurprisingly, fascism is actually very proud of itself, its objectives, and its dream of a “better world.”

At first they’ll hide behind foggy weasel words and ideals such as “Tradition” (white), and “America First” (white America), “Freedom of Religion” (theirs, not yours). They are ever vigilant and lie in wait to attack anything that remotely threatens white male dominance, such as civil rights, reproductive rights, open homosexuality, and feminism.

But rest assured, as soon as fascists get the upper hand they will inevitably trumpet their plans and goals loud and clear.

Another signature characteristic of fascism is a pliable political base that prefers a singular authoritarian strongman’s rule because, bottom line, rank and file Republican voters do not like to think for themselves.

The fascist strongman wins over his working class base by pandering to their bigotry, exploiting their ignorance, and amplifying their fears (creating an enemy).

The authoritarian wins over his wealthy corporate donors (corporations and rich people are virtually one in the same) by being at their beck and call and giving them everything they want…that is, everything they want up until the point where his political movement is even stronger than their collective multi-billionaire will, after which they will be in service to him, and not the other way around.

We can’t negotiate with fascists.

We can only defeat them and render them inert.

And that’s why we have to dispense with the filibuster and legislate a federal fair election law, now.

We might not get another chance.