Fifteen Days of Anxiety

Fifteen days until that lying rat bastard is supposed to leave office. I say “supposed” because based on recent events, that may not be the case. I know most pundits are saying that Trump will be gone on the 20th of January no matter what, but I’m just not so sure.

That son of a bitch is liable to do anything.

Though the Republicans will surely stand against any kind of criminal investigation into Trump’s time in office, claiming that it’s merely a form of revenge, we owe it to our nation and to the spirit of Justice itself to throw the book at this asshole.

Out of all the many things he’s done–and there have been many–the worst was the most recent, captured on audio tape, of Trump trying to badger the Georgia Secretary of State into “finding” 11,780 votes to swing its election from Biden to Trump by a margin of one (1) vote.

If we lived in a just nation, he would have been dragged out of office by now.

But we don’t live in a just nation. We live in a nation corrupted by wealth and power, which leads me to my next point.

It’s time to turn our attention away from the politicians, even the dirty fuckers like Trump, and look at the monied interests hell bent on keeping him in power.

They have names. They have addresses. They are human beings, just like us.

And the time has come for change.