Fox News vs. Saving Grace

Three dirty lying millionaires.

Fox News has to be the most despicable example of propaganda in the world today. Surely there is no source of right-wing propaganda so widely disseminated. Hate TV, USA.

Every day, with almost every show, they bend over backwards to demonize liberals. With each passing year the preposterous perversion of logic and reality just gets worse.

For instance, according to Fox News, it’s the liberals who are truly the party of intolerance, not the God-fearing Republicans who have a loyal membership comprised of 90% rich white men…and 10% poor, bigoted, working-class idiots.

The worst offenders are, by far, the three mainstays of their nightly “news” roundup: Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. The mental acrobatics they perform in order to prove their specious arguments are truly breath-taking.

If you have even the faintest ability to reason, it is literally painful to watch more than five minutes of any of those shows.

As often as not, the broadcast is filled with nothing but outright lies, but on occasion they’ll address an issue, a current event, being careful to frame it as perfectly as possible so that it serves their agenda. So it’s not a lie, per se, but rather a carefully cherry-picked display of the “truth.”

The best example I can think of is the recent coverage of a Trump political rally in northern Florida. Every other news station showed the part where the crowd started chanting “Send her back!” and “Shoot them!” while Trump just stood there at the podium and smiled.

But if you were watching Fox News, you’d notice that they carefully edited and removed those scenes from their coverage. According to Fox, the rally was a rousing display of patriotic loyalty, a success story that only Trump’s haters would dare malign.

Fox News is evil, and I say that without a trace of hyperbole. The ruination of America is being lead by Fox News and the morons who watch it.

Thankfully there are saving graces, one of which I just recently discovered, the popular sitcom Modern Family.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it really is a funny-assed little show. It’s become my favorite go-to when the idiocy of the world, lead by Fox News, becomes too much to bear.

It took me a while to get to know the characters, and I still don’t like the “loose, jerky” camera style (though I hardly notice it now)…but it’s just quirky, and lovable, and fun and every little story has a ring of truth to it without being too preachy.

I’m saying this in an effort to give my little life a bit more balance, because it’s easy to be subsumed by the glaring negativity that dominates our times. Trump is a truly dangerous man, and his supporters are either themselves dangerous or just too dumb to recognize the obvious. More the latter than the fore, I fear.

So to the half-dozen people who bother to read these words, I hope you have a little “saving grace” in your life, something that helps you get past the bullshit.

If there was ever a time when we needed it, that time is now.