“I Know You Are, but What Am I?”

As I’ve said before, the conservatives like to imagine themselves as the party of adults, and yet time and again, this is the level of discourse we have come to expect of them. You can never win an argument with a conservative, just as you can never win an argument with a bratty child.

And that’s where America is today, worse than ever. Between the constant flow of lies being spread by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets, and the vault-like, day-care echo chamber of conservative social media, Republicans have become something of a monster, something that has taken on a life of its own, beyond its master’s control.

They literally live in a parallel universe of their own making.

So if a person were to write a letter to the editor in an attempt to sway people’s minds, those are not the minds to focus on. That would be a fruitless waste of time.

Logically, one might think that the political group to aim would be the people in the middle, the people who claim to be centrists, the people who think they can see both sides of an issue.

For instance, a Republican who claims to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative might have the mindset you’d want to address. But logic is filled with fallacies, and I contend that this is one of them.

Centrists are even dumber than conservative Republicans.

Think about it. I mean, anybody who’s still on the fence regarding Trump and the GOP is just too stupid to know a sound argument when they hear one. So why waste the time?

That leaves us with the final and, I think, the best alternative which is this: forget the Republicans and the centrists altogether, and focus on the apathetic leftists who agree with you. They can see quite clearly what’s going on. These people don’t suffer from a lack of reason but from a lack of faith. All they need is the inspiration, the encouragement, and the motivation to get involved.

And there are literally millions of people like this, people so disillusioned with the system that they’ve just given up and decided not to play anymore. But they will listen to reason, and many of them will respond if the reasoning is persuasive enough.

We live in a time where Trump and his supporters would rather win and be wrong, than lose and be right. In an authoritarian state, truth is always the first casualty; it is always the first step in the wrong direction.

And that’s a bad place to be.