It’s a Plutocracy

A plutocracy (Greek: πλοῦτος, ploutos, ‘wealth’ + κράτος, kratos, ‘power’) or plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

The rich are stopping the poor from living better lives.

We need to stop pretending that the United States government is anything other than this: a plutocracy, a bureau in the service of great wealth and power.

The working class is as cattle in their eyes.

My heart aches, because there will be no end to it without the complete destruction of the system extant, and that will lead to calamity, and from that we may not fare any better than we do now.

It’s slightly possible that government will serve the greater good again someday, but it won’t happen overnight, and it’s not going to happen in my lifetime.

It won’t happen as long as there’s a Republican party.

Eighty-one million Americans voted for Joe Biden, primarily because Donald Trump was a clear and present danger to this nation’s welfare.

But one dirty little bastard from Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnell, will see to it that little if any of Biden’s agenda will come to pass, even if it means destroying the country.

Because that’s what the rich want.

The rich are the enemy.

Understanding that is the first step to freedom.