It’s a State of Mind

Wrote a few articles on Daily Kos. I’ll either link to them or share them here eventually.

I like DK. It’s a good place, and there are a lot of good people there, but there are some real pains in the ass, too, and I’m still at that stage where I’m trying to figure out who is who.

Anyway…the negative feedback I’ve either received or experienced from some of the people there…got to me a little bit.

I was hoping to find friends, comrades, brothers and sisters in arms.

Instead there’s a few cool people, and a cliquish group, and several “Liberal Stinkers” (the people who always have to prove that they’re more liberal than you). They bug the shit out of me, but I can live with them. Treating them like overgrown kids is usually the best strategy.

But there are some closet conservatives there on DK, too, who only exist to pester “the libs.” Those guys get to me.

It’s one thing to have an argument with somebody who’s sticking to the issue.

It’s another thing to engage in a discussion with somebody who’s making a special effort to skirt the real issue and make the debate about something else entirely.

Anyway…the world looks pretty callous and indifferent to me now.

There’s a weight on my chest and a lump in my throat.

And the kinship I was searching for has yet to materialize.