Just Following Orders

Today, congress started their investigation into what happened at the Capitol on January 6th. Already, there are conflicting stories. Seems with how things are done at that level of government, there should be a ton of corroborating evidence, but maybe congress doesn’t want to dig that deep. For instance, in the course of the testimony, someone mentioned that “a memo was written” regarding the situation, but nobody asked who exactly wrote the memo.

I do know this, and it makes me sick: the longer this investigation goes on, the more clear it will be that people in high positions of authority had a lot more to do with what happened than they’re willing to admit.

And they were either Republicans, or full-blown Trumpies.

I also know that the higher the investigation climbs up the responsibility ladder, the more resistant the Republicans will be to uncovering the unvarnished truth. They are ready, willing, and able to pull some really dirty shit to keep the facts under wraps.

We have an entire, powerful political party that does not believe in government, and sees no problem with undermining its effectiveness. They’re called Republicans.

It’s a party that has chosen to embrace the likes of Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and to call anybody who stands opposed to them “a traitor” and “unAmerican.”

This is going to go on for a long time, I’m afraid.

It will probably outlive me.

And that hurts.