“Leave Me Alone”

In the real world, no matter where you are—work, a bar, the grocery store, wherever—when you tell someone to “leave me alone” and that person not only mocks the very thought, but pesters you all the more, that person would be considered abusive.

Not so at Daily Kos.

I told one of the biggest assholes there—a guy who isn’t even a liberal, a guy who almost never says anything positive about anything—to just leave me alone and not respond to my comments.

Welp, he just scoffed at me and pestered me some more.

A first for me, the Daily Kos boards have no mute or block feature, so if one of the people there really gets under your skin, you’re just stuck with it.

I was roundly mocked for telling the guy to leave me alone, something else that came as a shock. In the real world, he would have been the asshole, and I would have been completely within my rights.

Not so at Daily Kos.

So…it means I have to toughen up and thicken my skin, and either ignore this asshole, or learn how to skewer him just within the boundaries of the board rules.

See, this guy is really big on rules. He’s one of those.

See, I made this hyperbolic comment, half in jest, when this little turd called me on it. It bothered me because I didn’t see why I had to explain to him that I was obviously exaggerating and just having fun.

Anyway…it hurt.

Days after the fact, some of the Kos people would chime in and tell me how stupid I was. That didn’t help. I was going to make a list of their names, but decided that I didn’t want to be vindictive.

Still…the whole fandango did nothing for my already sub par mood, my already bleak and dreary view of the world.

Sometimes…I get pretty sick of it all.