Life, Such As It Is

There is a mighty power in anonymity and the passive voice.

It’s that slender walkway between earth and space where you just don’t have to give a fuck.

If you see it, say it.

Don’t say it if you don’t see it.

I’ll give the “F Word” (fascist) a break, because I’m fairly certain it’s a word we’ll be hearing more about in the coming months.

What I want to talk about now are the traitors to their class who lucked out and fancied themselves geniuses.

Kelsey Grammar, Kirstie Alley, Mel Gibson, and that whole rightwing celebrity lot. Even worse are the lucky billionaire boys like Musk, Bezos, Gates, dickface Dorsey and the rest.

Almost all of them came from nowhere, just like the rest of us. But as soon as they stepped through those golden gates, boy oh boy, did you notice how they couldn’t slam the door behind them fast enough?

And they did it, they soared to the heavens mainly by luck of the fact they had an unusually marketable face and body. Well, for the celebrities. For Musk and Bezos and the rest of those assholes, they basically lucked out and managed to be in the right place at the right time.

They were also fortunate enough to have evolved in a system specifically designed to make rich people even richer, above all else.

I am at a loss regarding how to deal with people who have chosen a proven liar and cheat to be their fearless leader.

Lindsey Graham is a spineless pile of shit.

Boebert is a high school drop out with a marketable face and body fully owned by the NRA and the gun industry.

Herrell is the consummate opportunist sans original thought.

Greene is a literal white supremacist rich girl from the south who has done whatever she wanted to do all of her pathetic, privileged little life because she knew nobody could ever do anything about it in her greedy racist, little corner of the world.

Her daddy was a big time contractor.

You know the type.

She was accustomed to bossing people around from a very young age.

The rich are the enemy.

The rich are the only thing standing between the workers and a better life.

A living wage, affordable healthcare, decent retirement, affordable education, child care, etc. All of it.

All of it would be ours if not for the rich.

“When you see physical brutality emerging, you can pretty much bet that you’re entering a full-blown fascist era.”Thom Hartmann