Masks v. Freedom to be Dumb

My little doggie. So black, he absorbs light. Even though he’s neutered and less than a foot tall, he’s got a lion’s heart and can actually be quite vicious for a cute little guy.

I think he’s smarter than many Republicans.

For posterity’s sake, allow me to describe the situation we’re in.

COVID-19 has kept our state and our country basically locked down for about two months. The Republicans are screaming to reopen everything, post haste.

So in order to reopen, we have to use every precaution available, because the virus is still lurking among us and it is highly contagious.

For that reason, both the CDC and 50 countries throughout the world are asking—if not requiring—that people wear masks.

The masks are not to protect the wearer, but rather to protect other people from the wearer, who may be C19 positive, but asymptomatic, or presymptomatic.

Now get this: many Republicans are refusing to wear masks because they consider it an assault on their constitutional rights.

One went so far as to call me an authoritarian fascist after I explained to him the importance of the mask. I went on to explain that both I and my mother were in high-risk groups, to which he replied:

Then isolate yourself & stop fucking up things for everyone else who takes the time to be healthy. Get healthy & quit imposing on my life you jerkoff.”

So, yeah, that’s what we’re dealing with in Trump’s America, and Trump is doing nothing to help. He refuses to wear a mask and, to the best of my knowledge, has never encouraged his followers to wear one.

We’re in the midst of a deadly global pandemic that might linger with us for years, and Trump and his people don’t even want to do something as simple as wearing a mask to keep folks safe and reduce the spread.

And that’s crazy.