Meaningless Letters

Writing letters to the editor used to mean something. I don’t think it does any more, especially in a town like Roswell that’s stuck with such a crappy, ill-run newspaper.

I’ve written several to the RDR, and I even wrote a column for them over the summer of 2017. While I did get a bit of feedback, it was rarely positive, but mostly it was as if nobody bothered to read my work at all. It was like shouting into the void.

Case in point: after 18 or 19 columns, my Twitter followers didn’t increase at all.

Still, here I am contemplating new letters to the editor, especially since I’m done with Twitter. Will it help? I don’t know. I just feel like I have to do something, and I hope against hope that I can find those magic words that a few hundred people might read and somehow be persuaded to stop supporting Trump and the GOP.

It’s a moon-shot. Nobody listens to anyone any more. Everybody’s mind is already made up, and little if anything will sway their conclusions.

But Trump has become even more dangerous now than he was when he took office. He has singled out the four most progressive members of the Democratic freshman congressional class (“The Squad”), and he’s spreading slander and nastiness at them, practically unchallenged. Everything he writes is a lie, but nobody ever seems to call him on it.

He calls them communists. They aren’t. Calls them anti-Semites. They aren’t. Says they hate America. They don’t. Then, laughably, he claims they aren’t very smart, which they obviously are, far smarter than Donald, but not quite as rich and corrupt.

So, yeah…it ain’t much, but maybe that “strongly worded letter” might be in order now. Maybe the golden arrows of my words might find their way to a few hundred hearts and be for the better.

The world depends on me to keep fighting. It depends on all of us to keep fighting evil, however we can.

And make no mistake: Trump is evil.