No Legacy So Rich….

Behold my third “diary” entry for Daily Kos.

The first was very well received.  240+ recommendations. Made the front page.  Oooo.  BMOC.

The second, not so much.  4 recommendations.  

But it’s a new venue to explore.
Can’t deny that my inner attention whore loves the…what’s it called?
But that’s not the point, and that’s the…seduction of popularity.

Instead of speaking your truth, you’re tempted to say something that people will like. And that messes it all up, because that’s not why we’re here. Well, not entirely why.

Truth is never on our side.
We must stand with the truth, on truth’s side.

The discovery of truth upholds everything about society.  The manipulation of truth undermines it all.  Truth is real.  Verifiable.

Perhaps not repeatable in a laboratory, but the truth is like a rock that you stand on.

The GOP has no regard for truth whatsoever.
This is not hyperbole.
The GOP lies all the time, as do their propagandist media outlets.

Conservatives lie so frequently that if you want to know the truth, just watch one of their shows and whatever they say, believe the opposite, and you’ll probably be right.

One would think it would be easy to beat people like that. It would be, probably, had they not mountains of oil & gas money…and countless billions in kick-backs from arms dealers. Money can proclaim that black is white for a long, long time. Sadly, we seem to have reached the point where people believe it.


   No fear.

   All of this is passing.
   Holding on to the wind.
   The rock is stupid
   Unless it’s your rock
   Beneath your feet

   Happy happy happy
   Said the sad sad face

   As a setting sun
   Is surely rising