Optimists Live Better Lives

Turns out that optimists truly are more successful and happy than pessimists.

I’m not sure that anybody knows exactly why, but the data bears it out.

Here are two of the main rules of thumb to follow if you want to lead a happy, optimistic life:

  1. Externalize fault, and Internalize success – I know that at first glance, that sounds like a cop-out, but the fact is, it works. If something goes wrong, it’s somebody else’s fault. When something goes right, it’s because you’re just so awesome.
  2. Avoid words like “Always” or “Never” – Make whatever is happening, especially the problematic periods, fleeting transitory events. Keep an ear open to your inner dialogue, and avoid saying things like “I always do” such and such, or “I never get” whatever. By avoiding the absolutes, we can give our lives a brighter perspective.

There are a few other keys to optimism, more of which can be found here, but those are the main points.

Try to remember that as long as you have time in this world, you still have time to change.