Our President the Pig

This doesn’t even need explaining. This is something that a spoiled brat would say on the playground. The man is beneath contempt, and if there is any justice in this world, someday old Donny will don an orange jumpsuit even brighter than the dye he uses to spray-tan his loathsome, decrepit old carcass.

If this were a one-time gaff, sure, it could be forgiven. But it’s not. He’s like this constantly, with everyone. Belligerent, condescending, self-aggrandizing, and worst of all, a shameless prevaricator, he acts like this now because he’s behaved like this all his life.

And he’s always gotten away with it: a spoiled rich kid with no regard for either decency or the truth, a billionaire’s bastard who always had the money to intimidate anyone who stood in his way.

The worst of it is that he’s inspiring tyrants around the world to behave in the same churlish manner, as seen by Bolsonaro’s recent provocative taunt against Macron’s wife. That’s always the sign of a class act: going after someone’s wife.

This is not normal, but apparently this is the kind of world in which Trump’s rich supporters want us to live.

And if past is prologue, this sort of flagrant, aggressive, mocking cruelty is the harbinger of fascism.

And that is no joke.