Police Love Brutality

A brief post. The world is practically afire. COVID-19 still rages, but the big business GOP will likely ignore it for as long as possible, even though positive infections are steadily on the rise.

A cop killed a black man (George Floyd) in broad daylight, on camera, and would have gotten away with it if not for massive protests.

For days now, protesters have been surrounding the White House and Trump can barely bring himself to mention them, though he has turned off the lights at least once, reportedly hid in a bunker, and is now reinforcing an iron wall around the perimeter.

Oh! And he called on the US military to “dominate” the protesters.

He thinks he’s doing a great job.

And tens of millions of butt-stupid Republicans think the same.

But leaders who sleep in bunkers and hide behind walls rarely have a bright future to which they can look forward.

And I, for one, take solace in that.

That’s it. That’s the post.

That’s where we’re at.