Proof of Life

Just touching base. What would they call this? A “proof of life” post.

I am so outraged. Past infuriation. Smack dab in the middle of mossy exhaustion.

Stupidity is truly a formidable opponent, and if in some Bizzaro world they could hand out PhD’s in stupidity, the GOP would be the most highly credentialed political party in the history of the earth.

It just never ends with the GOP, their childishness.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Like, we just saw a guy lying in a hospital bed, recovering from Covid, telling a news crew that if he had it to do over, he still wouldn’t take the vaccine. Because he doesn’t believe in government.

Covid’s on the rise again. Of course, mostly in red state Trump strongholds. Places where vaccination rates are just above 32%.

And they’re blaming…I don’t know…pretty much everyone but themselves.

Then that stunt with Kevin McCarthy nominating Jim Jordan to Pelosi’s January 6th investigation. He could have appointed a gob of spit…on a hankie…and it wouldn’t have been more insulting

Then, when Pelosi rejected Jordan’s appointment…which everybody knew was the only sane thing to do…McCarthy threw a fit, pulled all five of his Republican nominees, and accused Pelosi of playing political games.

I mean, geez, it just doesn’t get any more…deceitful than that.

Then there’s Senator Rand Paul M.D. (not a real doctor) who wants to arrest Dr. Fauci (a real doctor) and blame him personally for the pandemic.

And now Trump’s cabal of congressional loyalists want to blame the January 6th insurrection on Nancy Pelosi, of all people, claiming she was responsible for security—which she was not—which is a fact that’s been easily proven and reported a dozen times now…but they continue with the lies and accusations anyway.

Trump is still claiming the election was stolen from him and spreading a whisper campaign that he’ll be reinstated next month, in August.

Guys like Tucker Carlson are praising Trump for helping develop the vaccine…then turning around and discouraging people from taking the vaccine.


This is just crazy town, and it’s hard to take.

The Dems should just start lying to the Republican base. Forget all the wedge issues, just tell them what they want to hear. Guns for everybody! No abortions for anybody, and no money for the brat once he’s born! Jesus is King of Everything, especially Johnny’s Discount Appliance Service.

Remember…if it’s not cheap, it’s not Johnny’s!