Public Enemy #213477

Or so. That’s me in the eyes of Twitter.

Twitter fucking banned me.

Maybe I wrote about this before….

Oh, well.

Banned. Me. A nobody who liked to post his drunken poems and the funny pictures he found on the internet.

Me, the guy who honestly cared about most of his followers and was worried when he didn’t see them for prolonged periods. Me, the guy who almost always followed back.

Me. The guy who occasionally argued with shithead conservatives, the man who occasionally lost his cool (same as them) and maybe said some things he shouldn’t have said.

Maybe I deserved a suspension, sure, I could understand that. But they fucking banned me, and I think I know why. It’s because I said this as often and as loudly as possible:

The rich are the enemy.

Apparently, they considered it spamming, though it’s impossible to tell because Twitter rarely specifically tells you what you did wrong.

They will tell you specifically when they suspend you. Then they’ll force you to delete the offending tweet. But when they ban you they just provide a link to their “Twitter Rules” page which is nothing but a bunch of legalese hogwash.

There is no justice or fairness about it. It’s not a “liberal” platform, believe me, just because they finally grew a set of balls and banned that gargantuan asshole Donald Trump.

There are Twitter accounts who are far worse at spamming than I was, and I see them all the time. I mean really obnoxious in your face repetitive horse shit…but I think Twitter allows them to live just so that they can rub my nose in it.

The fucking worms.

Fuck off and die, Twitter.

That goes for you too, dickface Dorsey.

You’re in charge of what is probably the most important social media platform in the world and you run it like shit.

But it doesn’t matter because you’re a rich billionaire motherfucker and in this world, that means you can do anything.

Fuck off and die, Dorsey.

Fuck off and die.

I promise you this: come election season, I’ll be back on your piece of shit website and I am going to raise holy hell.

(“fuck off and die” is a cheeky colloquialism that we’ve been tossing around since at least my high school days, but on Twitter it’s considered a literal death threat and will get you suspended. But this isn’t Twitter.)