Righteous Rage

My first reaction is to call the Medicare Part D system a joke, but there’s nothing funny about it.

It’s just another corporate scam facilitated by a federal government bought and paid for by big corporations and the rich assholes who own them.

Popped a Corona before writing this. Feeling miffed.

Signed mom up for Medicare Part D with a group called Silverscript. I signed up on the sixth, and they said it would take ten days to get a response, so I blew it off. It seemed like a shoe in. They’re all pass-through bullshit systems.

Well, I was wrong. They sent me a letter on the eleventh, which I didn’t open until the 21st because I didn’t check the mail, which I should have done, but time slips away from you.

Anyway…since she wasn’t enrolled before hand, they were going to charge her a fee, so I called the Silverscript place. They say her account has been wiped clean.

So I got letters from Aetna and AARP, too, saying that she was enrolled in their plans, even though I never did that. After a little web research, I found that Aetna owned Silverscript, so I called Aetna and they said all was well. When I asked for a double certain confirmation, the girl gets on the Medicare site and finds out that it is actually AARP that owns my mom’s Med-D plan.

So that’s the American healthcare system in a nutshell. It’s getting people killed, and those it doesn’t kill, it’s putting a major hardship on them, a hardship that’s completely unnecessary.

But even though it’s not the best plan, I guess we’re covered with AARP and it starts on the first of January.

I should call to double check, but right now I’m so mad my blood is boiling, hence the beer.

A 30-day supply of Xeralto costs $650 without insurance. It’s criminal.

All these companies do is pay the $650, then turn around and bill the US Government, a.k.a. the taxpayers, $845, a 30% markup for doing nothing.

And then the fuckers made it so that the price of drugs can’t be negotiated, like every other country in the world.

There is no reason for all of this bullshit other than the millionaires in the pharma game want their cut of the money, so they’re paying off congress to help them suck it out of the working class. So that means the rest of us have to jump through hoops like trained seals.

It’s so obviously wrong that I can’t wrap my head around it.

Words fail me, because this is so obviously wrong that I can’t believe it’s allowed to continue. I can’t believe we can’t do something to fix it.

Blinded with rage.