Rise of the Contrarians

Spent a few days online, arguing with some guy who is convinced that masks don’t work.

As usual—and if you’re a progressive I’m sure you’ve done this before—I posted link after link to qualified, respected health care institutions from around the world, each illustrating and supporting the efficacy of masks.

He supported his claim, primarily, with a single article written by some Libertarian guy (not a virologist) on RealClearPolitics.com.

The pointlessness of the task eventually wore me down, and I just gave up.

Kind of mad at myself for even trying.

The rightwing is so bereft of ideas that they’ve been reduced to a party of contrarians, people who will disagree with Democrats and progressives just for the sake of disagreeing.

It’s not impossible to imagine a new and more deadly threat emerging sometime in our near future, a danger so imposing and ominous that refusing to recognize it may well alter our reality forevermore.

A couple of obvious examples crossed my mind just as I finished that last paragraph.

Someday we’re going to need the conservatives to recognize the nature of an imminent threat and get on board with us in order to defeat it.

And they just won’t do it, simply because we’re for it…

…so they have to be against it.

That’s what we’re up against, and it ain’t pretty.