Stupidity, Greed, and Apathy

These three things have plagued civilized man since the days when we were constructing simple, igloo shaped mud huts out of wattle and reed, tens of thousands of years ago. They have been a constant impediment to peace and progress, and someday they may well serve as our demise.

The stupidity side of life needs no explaining. You can’t go out into the world and not see it. Probably the worst thing about stupid people is that they either don’t know that they’re stupid, or they kind of know but just don’t care. They’re smart in other ways, they tell themselves, which is probably true but not very comforting.

I submit that the fundamental stupidity of the working class is the biggest problem of all.

Second to stupidity is the flagrant, self-righteous, and rapacious greed inherent in the upper classes, in particular the richest one-tenth of one percent. This is a class of people wherein a few thousand families have as much wealth and power as the rest of the world combined. A few thousand people literally control the destiny of billions.

Their greed is one thing, but their lust for power and control that goes hand in hand with their great wealth is kind of like a ticking time bomb that only a hero can defuse.

Take this to heart, because it’s the God’s truth: if the rich are ever on the verge of losing control of this country, they’ll burn the place to the ground before letting us have it.

Last but not least is the pervasive apathy of knowing all of this, yet being unable to do anything about it, so you just stop caring. I think there are different degrees of apathy, ranging from a person not caring because they’re too self-absorbed, to a person not knowing enough to care, and finally to a person like me and millions of others who know all too well what the problems are and yet, we’re utterly helpless to effect change.

And that’s kind of where I am at, right now.

There’s still a huge “Trump/Pence” sign on some shithead’s yard in Roswell. It’s in a fortress-like section of land, all fenced off from the hoi polloi. The family living there obviously has money, more than the average Roswellian, but they’re not rich. They just think they are.

Five months after Trump lost the election, his cult is as strong as ever.

While I was gassing my car, I saw this clap-trap, rusty old pickup truck with a Trump/Pence sticker on its badly deteriorated bumper.

Oh, yeah, Trump really cares about those guys, and don’t tell them any differently.

By rights, after fomenting an insurrection on January 6th, Trump should have been detained and on trial by now, but what’s he doing instead? Playing golf on his over-rated Mara Largo resort and raising millions of dollars of campaign donations that he can spend any way he likes. And he likes to spend it on himself.

We’re probably going to have to deal with Trump and his coterie of ignorant assholes again in 2024…and currently, I’m at a complete loss as to what to do about it, so for now…I just don’t care.