Surprise, Surprise….

OSU study: Conservatives more susceptible to misinformation than liberals

Anyone who has spent five minutes talking to a Trumpie–or any Republican for that matter–has known this ugly fact for twenty years. It goes all the way back to when they believed Bush and Rumsfeld’s lies about WMDs in Iraq.

From the article: For example, 41% of Republicans believed the false claim that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia and sold part of the U.S. uranium supply in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Just 2% of Democrats said it was true.

Conservatives are gullible.

They’re gullible because they don’t know how to think.

They believe that their opinions are just as good as anybody’s.

Conservatives’ consistently poor performance in distinguishing truths from falsehoods appears to be largely explained by the fact that widely shared falsehoods were systematically more supportive of conservatives’ political positions,” the authors wrote.

I.E. they were pandered to.

I argue with conservatives a lot while I’m online. I know better than to think I’ll ever change their minds, but I do know that sometimes there are people who are on the fence about a given issue, and I can win them over if my argument is convincing enough.

Often times it is, and people have told me that.

I’ll argue with a conservative as long as I know that other people are listening to the conversation, but I just give up and block the idiot if it’s a one-on-one debate, because that’s about the most frustrating activity in the world.

It’s like catching a kid red-handed stealing from the cookie jar, but the kid just continuously denies it.

“But Donny, I saw you do it.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Your mom saw you steal those cookies, too.”

“Nuh, uh.”

“Yes she did. We even have pictures of you doing it. Look.”

“That’s not me.”

“I have your fingerprints.”

“No you don’t.”

Etcetera, etcetera….

They’re gonna be the death of us, conservatives, Republicans.

The followers believe anything that they’re told, and the leaders (Fox News and the GOP et al.) can’t open their mouths without lying.

I’m at a loss. I see no end to it all.

They are constantly on the attack.