Take It Like a Man

Nationalist troops escorting a group of captured Republican troops on the Samosierra front during the Spanish Civil War. Most of those men were tortured & murdered.

Been having a rough time of it lately, for about three weeks now. This goes wrong, that goes wrong. A $200 bill pops up, followed by a $95 bill, followed by $271.

I can live with that, mostly, when I see the bills coming. When they pop up out of nowhere, and you have to fight like a dog to either fix them or at least figure out what’s going on, that takes a toll on me.

Pretty much all of America is like that, pretty much all the time.


Under the guidance of conman Donald Trump and his greedy, sycophantic echo chamber otherwise known as the GOP, the United States has devolved in what can truly be described as a state of proto-fascism.

All of the hallmarks are there, and I am seriously worried, as every run of the mill working class man and woman should be.

If the GOP gets voted out in 2020, simple votes alone may not be enough to remove them from office.

If by some miracle, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren wins the 2020 election, I think there is a serious possibility that the GOP and all of the extremists therein will launch a coup in order to “save the country.”

Once they reach that point, there’s no turning back. The GOP will start arresting people, torturing opponents, and killing opposition leaders. And the average Trump supporter won’t lose a minute of sleep over it.

We’ve seen it happen too many times, in just this century alone. Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Pinochet…and at least a dozen times by lesser despots from smaller countries all over Africa and Central & South America.

I wish I could do something to fix it, but the dumbass Trump supporters—the 40% of our country who are perfect idiots—don’t foresee it as a problem.

Hell…they may even want it to happen.