The Cons are Winning

I didn’t make this. This is a real graphic from a real website run by anti-communist Trump supporters.

If the mafia ever wanted to start a political party, it would look exactly like the modern-day GOP.

While a majority of Trump supporters are clearly not mafioso, they are every bit as committed to the cause as any member of La Cosa Nostra would be to his “family.” To convince a working-class Trump supporter that his leader does not have his best interests at heart is a fruitless endeavor.

It’s like fist-fighting a case of the flu. It can’t be done.

We’re dealing with a phenomenon that I don’t think the world has ever seen before, not that I know of, and certainly not on this scale. It’s a monstrous case of mass-delusion or a very subdued mass-hysteria.

Trump supporters love and support Donald Trump. They believe that he is an upstanding, God-fearing man and nothing that anyone says or does, and no amount of condemnatory proof, will convince them otherwise.

If Donald Trump said that Nancy Pelosi worshiped Satan, a full 40% of the United States—Trump supporters all—would believe him and repeat his accusation stridently. Gleefully. And if they didn’t believe him, they wouldn’t care. They’d laugh and repeat the claim anyway because there is nothing that they love more than “triggering the libs.”

But it gets worse: a small fraction of those idiots would take his words literally—seriously—and they’d conclude that it was their Christian duty to save America from Nancy Pelosi by any means necessary, and it’s not hard to figure out their method of choice.

Every day I strive to think of a way to get to Trump supporters. I know that they won’t listen to reason, so I’m trying to think of a baser mode of communication, but I’m always at a loss.

One has to appeal to their bigotry and ignorance to convince a Trump supporter of anything. If you don’t take that first step, they’ll ignore you outright.

And that’s why the cons are winning, because they have no trouble pandering to bigotry and exploiting ignorance.

The progressives can’t do it because that would violate the first rule of being a progressive.

Unfortunately, if we’re ever going to wake up the Trump supporters, we’ll have to learn how to manipulate them better, and about the only way of doing that is to somehow affirm their bigotry and validate their ignorance.

And I swear to God, that’s a magic trick I try to decipher every day.