The Freedom to Lie

Funny people, those Republicans. All this talk about possibly censoring political ads on Facebook has them crying foul and comparing liberals to communist China.

“China censors, too!” they bellow.

Well, that’s obviously true, but here is thee salient difference.

China censors those who print unflattering truths about China.

But the Republicans are claiming that their First Amendment rights have guaranteed them the freedom to lie, because they are knowingly spreading verifiable lies in their political ads on Facebook, and they don’t want Facebook to do anything about it.

How about we try this?

The GOP is free to pay for and post as many lies on Facebook as they can afford, provided the opposition is allowed to refute those lies on the same Facebook page free of charge.

Or does that sound like Communism?

I’m so disgusted by this false equivalence that I’ve lost my sense of humor.