The Market Mentality

Gotta hand it to the South Park guys. Two shows in to their wildly unpredictable 23rd season, and they’re making a stand. I’m behind them all the way.

The first show—Mexican Joker—touched on the “marketing” strategies of crony capitalism in regards to legalized marijuana. Unlike wine or beer, cannabis is ridiculously easy to grow, and the Wall Street pigs, out for every greedy cent of profit, will do everything they can to prohibit people from cultivating their own herb.

The tragedy is that in light of how our our system works, there’s a good chance big biz will get away with it. By way of government regulations (which they claim to wholeheartedly despise), big biz will “support” (read “pay off”) key politicians to pass needless laws and require onerous licensing fees, safety rules, and other bullshit hurdles to the point where it will just be easier to buy their product off the shelf rather than grow your own.

And it won’t end there. Not only will they make it ridiculously expensive to grow your own, but they’ll make damn sure you can’t distribute any of it without a friendly visit from your local DEA and the threat of an onerous jail sentence.

In all likelihood, it’s gonna happen.

The last thing most marijuana users want to see is the big corporate takeover of the industry, as we’ve seen with beer producers. We do not want to see a Budweiser or Coors of the cannabis world…but Wall Street sure as hell does.

Most marijuana smokers would rather see 900 millionaires, all competing and adding to the experimental diversity of the newborn, legalized cannabis world. Instead, as legalized marijuana grows more mainstream, what we’re likely to see is one or two families, each worth $900 million dollars, who control 80% of the weed market.

Mexican Joker also had a scene where Kyle converted a group of kids in a detention camp to Judaism, which was spot on but probably made a lot of people scratch their heads…and that fully deserves a critique all its own, but maybe not here and now.

I don’t want to minimize the importance of this issue: detaining children in prisoncamp conditions, away from their parents. I feel bad for focusing more on the weed story than the obviously more serious problem of separating children from their parents and locking them up (which I’m dead set against).

It’s just that…it’s so obviously wrong…that it’s kind of sad that anyone in our country thinks it’s a good idea. Kind of sad? God damned tragic.

In the second episode, Band in China—and this was disturbing—Trey and Matt revealed the leverage that China now has on our American markets, in particular our entertainment sector.

Only days after that episode, a gaming company fired an employee for supporting the Hong Kong protests, and a basketball mogul bent over backwards to appease the thin-skinned Communist kelptocrats — proving that Trey and Matt were dead right.

It’s funny how the mostly conservative “free market” Wall Street types are all for government deregulation until that market happens to be China. Suddenly, everything changes where there’s profit to be had. Suddenly it’s all “rules are rules” and “Hey, what are you gonna do?”

Wall Street is effectively carrying out Communist China’s dictates for the sake of market access. Go figure.

I don’t know how many seasons South Park has left. They can probably go for another ten seasons, or until they just finally burn out. The show has been everything from a kiddie cavalcade of fart, vomit, and poop jokes, to a serialized melodrama regarding everything from militant PC culture to the many pros and cons of the internet.

But however long Matt and Trey last, I hope they keep throwing punches till the end.

And I’ll be standing in their corner all the way.