The SOP of the GOP

Leave it to the Republicans and their noise machines to revert to old tactics when things are going good and getting better under Democratic leadership.

Seems we have a crisis at the border again due to President Biden’s “open border” policy. The thing is, Biden doesn’t have an “open border” policy.

According to Fox News, it’s worse than a crises: it’s an emergency.

Living a scant sixty (60) miles from the Mexican border, this comes as a surprise to me.

And to make matters all the more ridiculous, Fox is intent on sharing footage of dirt poor Hispanic mothers, often with infants in their arms and toddlers in tow while commenting how dangerous they are to the tune of ominous background music.

Relief checks are in the mail for millions of Americans suffering from the economic side-effects of the pandemic…checks that not one single Republican supported sending…and all Fox and its echo chamber has is footage of desperate Hispanic families fleeing to America for their lives.

I hate Republicans with a passion.