Trump’s COVID Malfeasance

410,000 died on Trump’s watch. That’s more dead Americans than all the American fatalities of World War Two combined. But you won’t hear the Trumpies talking about it. No sir, half of them still thick Covid is a hoax. All they can do now is declare what an abject failure the Biden presidency is, all two days of it.

I hate Trumpies, and I always will. There’s no getting over this.

Trump did next to nothing to protect our country from the pandemic. Yet, he’s taken credit for every victory and denied responsibility for every death.

So I took my mom to get a “free” COVID vaccine shot yesterday. It was at Walmart, so you know right away it was a half-assed affair.

It makes so much sense to force a dozen senior citizens to gather together closely, indoors, where the virus is known to spread most aggressively, and then make them to sit there for about an hour while they await a two-minute inoculation procedure.

That was bad enough, but I think I found the redundancy of the process the most aggravating.

When you register, you have to give them all of your rudimentary vitals: name, birthdate, address, phone, etc.

Then when they send you the first confirmation, you have to give them your name, birthdate, address, phone, etc.

Then when you go to Walmart, you have to hunt around and ask where the Covid vaccinations are taking place. One would think that a deadly pandemic would deserve more attention to planning, but apparently not.

Then you stand in line for twenty minutes while the person ahead of you is giving the COVID registrar their name, birthdate, address, phone, etc.

Then they finally get to you and, once again, you have to give them your name, birthdate, address, phone, etc.

I just wanted to scream.

The worst of it is, that once they’ve scheduled you for an appointment, they give you a seven-digit registration code which would theoretically streamline the process. This is a unique code, and only one is issued per patient. Codes like this are invented to help expedite a process and make it more efficient.

Guess what? They never once asked for the code.

So, yeah, behold the fundamental elements of “the greatest healthcare system on Earth.”

We can do better, and we must do better, but there is one thing holding us back, and that’s the Wall Street assholes who insist on getting a cut of the action.

Until that changes, our nation’s health is at the mercy of their greed.