…When They’re Not Around

One of my favorite quotes which I attribute to the great Charles Bukowski:

I don’t hate people; I just feel better when they’re not around.”

I’m in a serious people-hating mood right now. As of late, it seems that regardless of what I do, whether in real life or on the internet, I cross paths with some colossal jerks who always get the best of me. It hurts.

Here’s the story: I strongly believe a certain neighbor of mine—a weirdo teenager—is trespassing on our property and fucking around with us. He steals things, sometimes. Sometimes he just moves shit around. Usually he just seems to be fucking with us for the fun of it.

But I’m not 100% sure it’s the weird teenager, so I’m trying to keep myself in check. It’s just that I’m pretty sure it’s him, because I literally can’t see anyone else getting a thrill out of doing that shit. He’s got the motive—he’s a punk weirdo kid with nothing else going on. And he’s got the opportunity—he lives right next door and can see where we are at a glance.


I went to Metafilter to ask for help. In the past, it’s been pretty helpful, but there are an assortment of trolls on that website that I dread and, sure as shit, the trolls came out, made the whole post about how stupid I was, and got the thread deleted. Out of about 28 replies, most were helpful, some were skeptical, two of them offered helpful links, and at least two of them actually sided with the little weirdo that I suspect of the abuse.

And one of them basically insulted me for daring to suspect anything was wrong at all.

I couldn’t believe it. I knew there would be one or two dickheads, because there always are on Metafilter, but I never thought it would be to that extent.

Metafilter basically panders to trolls. It does so because I suspect that the founders and the operators of that site are trolls themselves.

So they took my question down. The trolls are still there. I’m not.

And I’ve just lost all faith in humanity.

A part of me wants so desperately to help the world and everyone in it. I’ve strongly considered getting into politics, because who knows? I might be good at it. Because I care. I want to help the world. I want to help my people.

But then shit like this happens, and all of my magnanimity and emotional largess for the small, embattled people of the world just goes up in smoke.

Why bother? Why even fucking bother?

Life hurts, and for the most part, humans just make matters worse.

On the plus side: I saw a nine year old Kaley Cuoco playing the imaginary seven year old daughter of Shelly Tambo on Northern Exposure this morning.

People generally suck, but at least life is still filled with pleasant surprises.