Where Lies are Lore

“China’s Fascist Govt.”

The lies just never stop at old “fair & balanced” Fox News.

I couldn’t find the graphic, but I do recall seeing this segment of Tucker’s show where the little banner at the bottom of the screen said something like “Liberal NBA Caves to Fascist China.” I’m almost certain it said something to that effect, but the image above will suffice for now.

It is dangerous to live in a country where a major, mainstream cable news channel can lie so egregiously—on a daily basis—and suffer no consequences whatsoever.

Tucker is twisting reality to imply that it is the liberal mindset that caused this cave-in to China, and not the conservative corporate thirst for China’s gargantuan, untapped market.

This is why we have Trump. Thanks to the daily manipulation of reality on the part of Fox and other right-wing media, millions of Americans honestly believe that Trump is more honest than Obama.

It goes without saying that China is not “fascist.” China’s economy is hopefully communist while its government is hopelessly authoritarian. The Chinese government is so pathetically thin-skinned that it cannot bear even the slightest, most harmless of criticisms from anyone, ever, about anything.

Secondly, the NBA is far from “liberal” as are almost all major league sports franchises. It is corporate to the core of its being and lives for only one thing: profits.

But behold how quickly Fox News will shuffle the deck of reality to suit its corporate narrative. Something’s wrong, so blame the libs.

Somewhere along the line, truth has lost its value in America. Now, truth is just considered an alternative opinion. How did we get here? Did the predominance of the advertising mentality play a role? I tend to think yes, but there must be other reasons, too.

Like the concentration of wealth and the consolidation of power, and how the opinion of one billionaire has become more important than that of a billion people combined.

I don’t know what can be done about it, but something needs to change before long or we’re in trouble. But here I am being hopeful again, because it’s probably too late.