Live from Roswell, 02/22/2017

Took a couple of weeks, and it’s still in it’s baby form, but is alive.

This is half vanity site, half activism, and half an honest attempt to meet local leftists in New Mexico.

We need to coordinate and layout a strategy to remove Steve Pearce from his congressional seat, and replace him with a representative who actually cares about the people of District Two NM, and not just the big money interests who rule the roost.

CSS is a Pain in the ASS

Beware of downloading “free” webpages.  You can waste a lot of valuable time trying to make them work right.

If you do download one, right after you unzip it and look at it through your browser, make sure you do this, first thing:

Delete all of the CSS files on your hard drive for that webpage.

If you reload the page, and it looks the same as before, then the CSS is being pulled down from offsite, and unless you’re a CSS guru, you’ll never be able to customize that particular webpage to suit your needs.

We Have Liftoff

Even when you’re a programmer and analyst…like me…with around twenty years of experience, getting up an running on the internet can be a daunting challenge.  Something as simple as setting up an email account to work correctly can take hours…but it can be kind of, sort of, fun…depending on how you look at it.

This WordPress site is intended to document my struggle as a writer and activist.

I honest to God can’t believe that our country was stupid enough to elect Donald Trump as president.  My attempt to right that profound wrong served as the germination of this effort.